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Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After

Chelsea Clinton Nose Job

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Nose Job Picture

Some of you may have heard it that Chelsea Clinton is linked with several plastic surgery procedures. Some sources mentioned procedures lips fillers, nose job and chin implant. Some non-surgical procedures are also involved; straightening on teeth and hair. Did Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery involve all of those procedures?

Well, let’s forget about her teeth braces. As some plastic surgery experts believe that there are two most possible procedures related to Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery. Nose job and chin augmentation via implant are hard to deny. We can see the result of these easily in the Chelsea’s Before and After plastic surgery picture.

Although she is not an actress or someone who is directly involved in the showbiz, but we can find her young photo easily. She has been target of journalist’s camera since her father entering to the White House. From her comparison pictures we can see that there are some noticeable changes on her face features. It would be hard for the only child of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton to deny the nose job issue.

Chelsea Clinton’s nose change is easy to notice. Chelsea Clinton used to have a bigger nose bridge. But a smaller one is appearing on her face in the recent photos. It makes many people and plastic surgery experts believe that Rhinoplasty or nose surgery was performed there.

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We can also see chin alteration in Chelsea Clinton Before After picture. Although we couldn’t see significant change on this part but it shows better new chin shape in the After picture. Recent appearance of Chelsea’s chin is a bit different with it in the past.

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

It was wider and bigger when she was young. The alleged chin augmentation then came to fix the problem. Some believe that implants or some chin surgery has taken part. The procedure made her chin to appear better by reshaping her chin contour. It simply matched Clinton’s face well.

Well, Chelsea Clinton is dramatically changing her appearance. Whether she takes plastic surgery or not we would all agree that she looks better than her in years ago. Do you agree? What do you think about Chelsea Clinton dramatic change?

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