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Ellen Barkin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Ellen Barkin Plastic Surgery

Ellen Barkin Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Ellen Barkin plastic surgery should not have become problem if she took the procedures wisely. But as we see in Barkin’s before and after surgery pictures her face looks unnatural as result of overdone procedures she has taken. What has she had?

Ellen Barkin has several procedures on her plastic surgery list. Just by comparing her before and after pictures you would easily say procedures nose job, botox, eyelid surgery, and lips injection. Result of those procedures is clear on Ellen Barkin’s face. And boob job, however, changed her chest appearance.

Ellen Barkin may have some good hairstyles but she is not that good in taking plastic surgery. 62-year-old actress even looks worse after plastic surgeon intervention. Her nose looks unusual with trace of surgeon’s knife left. Her nose bridge appears with different shape. Rhinoplasty didn’t seem to help her.

Botox may have helped Ellen Barkin to fight against wrinkles and frown. She certainly looks younger with her flawless face, doesn’t she? Botox is her reason to look younger at her over 60. Ellen Barkin’s age is too old for her face.

However, we can’t deny that she appears with unnatural face skin. Her frozen forehead indicates that she has taken the Botox in large amount. Things would have been better if she injected the Botox in proper dosage.

Injection had also been performed on her lips. Just like injection on her face skin, injection on her lips is also overdone. Plumping the lips may be good for some women, but it could also makes someone’s lips weirder than before, like what Ellen experienced.

As her past photo captured, young Ellen Barkin had thin lips. She looked good with that. But we must face it; her lips, both upper and lower are now unnaturally fuller and bigger. Do you call her new lips sexier than before?

Ellen Barkin Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Ellen Barkin Plastic Surgery Boob Job Photo

Not only works on face, Ellen Barkin plastic surgery also included boob job. It is clear that Barkin had flatter chest before. Well, considering her age it should be normal thing if she has sagging skin here and there including on the chest area.

Ellen Barkin’s breasts had gotten right treatment. Some breast augmentation procedure lifted her boobs effectively. Not only made her boobs bigger, the procedure also brought more sexy look to her appearance.

Ellen Barkin plastic surgery on boobs is better than on her face. What do you think? Share your comment in the comment section bellow.


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