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Milla Jovovich Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Milla Jovovich Plastic Surgery

Milla Jovovich Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Recent appearance of Milla Jovovich makes herself to be linked with plastic surgery. Her appearance, however, looks unnatural. Her face simply looks different with it in the past before the alleged plastic surgery issue arose. There are two plastic surgery procedures related to Milla Jovovich plastic surgery. Many think that 40-year-old American actress may have undergone Botox injection and nose job.

Kiev-born actress didn’t clearly admit her plastic surgery. But instead of easing the rumor, Milla Jovovich plastic surgery becoming hot topic in many forums. People are wondering the truth behind her change. And as many believe, botox injection and nose surgery become the most possible procedures she has.

Milla Jovovich plastic surgery picture can help us. As we can see, her face appears tighter in the After picture. In many pictures of her we can even easily see that her face appears frozen. It’s certainly different with her face in the Before picture.

Actress who portrayed Alice in the film Resident Evil looked naturally beautiful in the past. Unfortunately, Botox may have come to change that. And things become worse when she injects it a bit overdone. Milla Jovovich dramatically changes her face with more unnatural one.

Milla Jovovich Nose Job

Milla Jovovich Before and After Nose Job

Another important change occurs on her nose. Milla Jovovich is hit hard by nose job rumor. And just like the result of Botox that can be seen easily, Milla Jovovich nose job also gives significant change. You wouldn’t need magnifying glass to notice her nose alteration.

Jovovich had bulbous nose in the past. We can also see that her nose was simply bigger and rounder than it today. Invasive work of Rhinoplasty has given another slimmer and smaller nose shape to her.

By judging her recent nose appearance we can say that Milla Jovovich is one examples of good celebrity nose jobs. Do you agree? Share your thought about Milla Jovovich plastic surgery.

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