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Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery Nose, Boob Job

Adriana Lima Boob Job

Adriana Lima Boob Job Before and After Picture

Adriana Lima can’t avoid plastic surgery rumor of her. The longest-running model in Victoria’s Secret Angel is under suspicion of having plastic surgery. Adriana Lima plastic surgery is there on her body and face. Adriana Lima is not too open about her plastic surgery. It leads people to speculate procedures she may have taken.

As many people believe, Adriana may have had nose job, boob job and lips augmentation. These procedures are secret behind her perfect appearance. Let’s take a look at her boobs. These assets of her have been rumored with the intervention of plastic surgeon’ knife.

Adriana Lima is rumored to have had breast implants. The implants add more volume to her breasts. It simply changes her boob shape. We can see it that Lima’s breasts are rounder and tighter than before. It’s reasonable if many people suspect implants in her boobs. Her luxury bras make her boobs to look more perfect in many photos.

Adriana Lima plastic surgery picture is also showing changes on her nose and lips. However, unlike the change caused by boob job, changes on Adriana’s lips and nose are not that easy to see. We couldn’t deny that Adriana has plump and full lips in her After picture. But this condition is not too different with the Before photo. But, still, many people are questioning her full lips. Many believe that Adriana has had lips injection done. If Adriana Lima lips augmentation is a true fact, then she must have taken ‘more than enough’ lip fillers.

However, doubt would come, again, when we talk about Adriana Lima nose job. The alleged nose job is rather hard to prove. You may not see significant difference between her past and present nose. Well, we can’t help, perfect slim nose of Adriana Lima is considered as an example of good celebrity nose jobs.

Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery

Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Nose job (Rhinoplasty) is procedure she may have, at least that’s what many people believe. Let’s assume that Adriana has it, she must be proud of her nose specialist. Nose surgery has given slim nose that suits her face well. 34-year-old Brazilian model and actress looks prettier with that, doesn’t she?

Adriana Lima plastic surgery is just another rumor among world’s top models. Their perfect figures invite people’s curiosity, admiration and jealousness. Anyway, you may want to see other top model plastic surgeries, say names Kate Upton and Heidi Klum.

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