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Al Pacino Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Al Pacino Plastic Surgery

Al Pacino Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Al Pacino’s acting as Michael Corleone in The Godfather is considered as one of the best in film history. Unfortunately, his great acting performance doesn’t affect his plastic surgery. He may have many awards for his performance on screen, but Al Pacino plastic surgery is relatively bad.

Although Al Pacino never openly admits plastic surgery but his face change indicates plastic surgeon work. It is easy to point out the modified parts. Procedures such as facelift, browlift, eyelid surgery and botox are possible causes over his unnatural face.

Al Pacino Facelift, Botox

Facelift, as some experts believe, is procedure that pulled his face skin. Al Pacino’s Before and After plastic surgery pictures capture result of facelift he has taken. However, you may say that Al Pacino facelift didn’t seem to help him much. Instead of makes Pacino to look younger, the face-lifting gives unnatural skin look.

Botox, on the other hand, may have helped him to reduce wrinkles and other aging lines. But again, it would be hard to say that Al Pacino has gotten proper amount of Botox. What do you think?

Al Pacino Eyelid Surgery

It seems that we can’t say many good words related to Al Pacino plastic surgery, including when it comes to his eyelid resizing. In short, he got the eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) too far. A Californian-based plastic surgeon, Dr Toby Mayer conveyed his viewpoint few years ago.

“This face-lift isn’t good – too much fat and skin has been taken from his eyelids.”

Many of us, if not all, would agree with the expert’s words. Al Pacino looks a bit odd with his new eyelid shape. His surgeon didn’t have to perform the eyelid surgery too far on him.

Al Pacino Facelift

Al Pacino Facelift, Botox Photo

Al Pacino Browlift

There is one safest place to cover from aging attack; plastic surgeon office. Panic attack seemed to have made 76-year-old American actor visited surgeon office to get another procedure.

Al Pacino plastic surgery issue covers procedure on his brow area. His today brow is considered to have received browlift procedure. You can say your own sentence regarding the brow-lift result. What do you think? Does it make Al Pacino to look better at his 70s?

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