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Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before After

Alicia Keys Nose Job

Alicia Keys Nose Job Before and After Picture

There are many celebrities who don’t clearly admit plastic surgery. Alicia Keys is no difference. Her silence, however, doesn’t stop people to discuss about it. As widely known, Alicia Keys plastic surgery report is mainly caused by her nose change.

Alicia Keys nose job is popular enough. No wonder, beside her nose change is significant, she is one of the most successful R&B/Hip Hop artists. With numerous awards and millions albums, singles selling Alicia Keys certainly grabs attention.

Did Alicia Keys really have plastic surgery? Well, some plastic surgery experts suggested that plastic surgery is possible on her. An American celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif conveyed his opinion.

“Definitely looks like she had a rhinoplasty. Her tip is less bulbous and her Ala (sides of the nose) has been narrowed. Her rhinoplasty appears natural at this time. Her dorsum, or bridge, appears a little more square as compared to her pre-op.”

Expert’s words are clear. Just like what we see in Alicia Keys Before After plastic surgery pictures, her nose has changed, significantly. She had bigger nose when she was younger. The big shape came from wide nose bridge and bulbous nose tip.

But different nose shape appears after the alleged nose job. Such significant change would be hard to believe if came from aging process or other natural exercises. That’s why Rhinoplasty is the best procedure to explain her nose change.

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery

Alicia Keys Plastic Surgery Photo

It’s happy to see Alicia Keys looks better after the nose job. As you might know, some other celebrities are obsessed with nose revision. But oftentimes overdone nose surgery ruins their natural nose, makes them appear worse. (See Jackson’s sister La Toya and Janet Jackson for examples).

So, do you agree with Alicia Keys nose job decision? Tell your mind.

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