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Ally Walker Plastic Surgery Before and After

Ally Walker plastic surgery is kind of disaster. Many of her fans lost their interests due to Walker recent appearance. Plastic surgery has changed Ally Walker’s face in a bad way. Significant change can be found on her nose, face skin as well as her lips.

Ally Walker Nose Job

Ally Walker Nose Job Before and After Picture

Her nose appearance  is considered as the main part that significantly changes. It affects whole impression of Ally Walker face appearance. Ally Walker is reported to having nose job there.

Ally Walker doesn’t seem get good result of nose job. We can see it, that Walker’s nose looks asymmetrical and unnatural. Ally Walker before and after pictures show dramatic nose transformation. However, instead of makes her nose to look better, the nose job makes her nose far from good.

It then does make sense many of fans blame Ally Walker nose job decision. American actress who portrayed Agent June Stahl in drama Sons of Anarchy seems to disappointing many of her fans.

Failed plastic surgery is also addressed to her lips. Ally Walker is rumored with lips injection. Some lips fillers may have been injected in both upper and lower lips.

Ally Walker pictures show it. We can see her lips appear differently. Lips filler doesn’t make her lips plumper or fuller, but it makes her lips more unnatural.

Ally Walker Plastic Surgery

Ally Walker Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Botox is another procedure linked with Ally Walker plastic surgery. This procedure seems to affect her face skin appearance a lot. We can see it, Ally Walker stays young in her 54 years age. Her face appears as it doesn’t have aging lines.

Ally Walker looks good with Botox but not with nose job and lips injection. Her failed surgery is slowly wiping our memory of young, hot Ally Walker.


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