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Amy Adams Plastic Surgery, Before and After Nose Job Pictures

Amy Adams Plastic Surgery

Amy Adams Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Story of Amy Adams plastic surgery started with her different nose shape appearance. You have just seen before and after plastic surgery picture of her. Compared to her former nose, Amy’s today nose is certainly smaller. Did she undergo nose surgery?

Well, you may not need her confession since change on her nose is significant enough. We can see that her nose was big with bulb-like nose tip.  Nose ala (nose wing) looked wider, too. It may not affect her beautiful face but at least she would appear more beautiful if she had smaller nose. Maybe that’s what came to her mind.

Amy Adams nose job is popular enough. 41-year-old American actress may have visited right surgeon. As many believe, she got Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) to reshape her nose. Thanks to the procedure she has taken her nose looks better and fits her face well.

Another important significant change is also shown by her face skin. Unusual face appearance on Amy Adams created Botox issue. As you can tell from the Before-After pictures, she looks unnatural with her stiffer, tighter face. Italy-born woman who was listed as one of 100 most influential people by Time magazine in 2014 can’t hide that.

Amy Adams Botox, Nose Job

Amy Adams Botox, Nose Job Before After Photo

Her face was at least not that shiny and smooth when when was younger. Although she doesn’t make clear the botox injection involvement but we may say that she has injected it a bit too much. It’s not a good news since many celebrities are getting their faces worse due to overdone Botox.

And considering botox result on Amy Adams you may think she is also on her way to ruin her beauty. But luckily, at least we can still see beautiful face of her today. Even though Botox erased her aging lines significantly but it didn’t wiped out her beauty.

What do you think about Amy Adams plastic surgery? Is it enhancing her appearance, or contrarily?

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