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Amy Poehler Plastic Surgery Rumor, Before and After

Amy Poehler Plastic Surgery

Amy Poehler Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

It’s too easy to see changes on celebrities. It’s even easier when the change is something unusual or even bad one. Just like what happened to Amy Poehler. We see it, she appears a bit different than usual. Well, change on Amy Poehler’s face is rumored with some procedures. Facelift, botox, breast augmentation and some other filler injection to lips and face are some known procedures linked to Amy Poehler plastic surgery.

We don’t say that Amy Poehler looks bad after the alleged plastic surgery procedures. But some of us would say that she looks much more unnatural than before. Poehler’s before and after plastic surgery picture shows us that clearly. Not only about Amy Poehler’s changing face shape, her stiff, flawless face skin has also made news.

She is 44 years old and we know that those numbers are not too old for wrinkle-free face. But her stiff, tight face just strengthens the plastic surgery possibility. As many believe, facelift combined with botox injection are the cause. These procedures have widely been known for making someone’s face younger fast. Result of it also lasts for a long time.

The procedures simply affected Amy’s face look significantly. Not only to forehead and cheek, the pulled face skin also tightened her eyes area. We can see it easily, can’t we?

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Another possible procedure is injection to her lips. Just like obvious change on her face skin, lips reshaping is also significant. It is hard for Amy Poehler to hide her fuller lips. Her picture above captures lip filler effect that may have been injected in both upper and lower of her lips. Another big thing is also found on her boobs. Here is where Amy Poehler is rumored with breast enhancement via implants.

Amy Poehler Facelift

Amy Poehler Facelift, Botox Photo

So, has Amy Poehler had plastic surgery? Amy Poehler is simply following in the footstep of celebrities who deny plastic surgery. Despite clear change on her face, she disapproved plastic surgery procedures. Instead of plastic surgery, in her book Amy Poehler stated that she has had veneers.

What do you think? Did Amy Poehler really free of plastic surgery?

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