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Andrea Mitchells Plastic Surgery Rumors? Plastic Surgery Before and After photos

Plastic surgery is quite an interesting topic, especially when it’s about our beloved celebrities. From actresses to models; plenty of female celebrities believe that going under the knife could help boost their fan base or help their exposure in the community. Among the numerous amounts of female celebrities that have, or have been rumored to have, had plastic surgery, is Andrea Mitchell. She is not an actress or model, but is instead known for her well done interviews and news anchor jobs on T.V.

Andrea Mitchells was born on October 30th 1946. This makes her in her early 70s! For those of you who may not know who Andrea Mitchells is, she is a very well-known TV anchor and has been for quite some time. She has stayed young and beautiful, despite being in her 70s. She was born in New Rochelle, New York. Along with her anchoring, she has also written two books, titled “Talking Back” and “Talking Back: To Presidents, Dictators, and Other Scoundrels”. Both involve the various people she has interviewed and talked to, in a way to convey her advice about dealing with the hard to talk to. She has two siblings, a brother, named Arthur Mitchell, and a sister, named Sydney Greenstein. The main station that she anchors on is NBC News, which she reports on as well as anchors.

Since 1994, Andrea Mitchells has been keeping America up to date on all the latest news and events. In the earlier years of her career, she worked as a journalist and a reporter. Andrea Mitchells is working as a commentator for NBC as a current resident of Washington, DC with her husband Alan Greenspan who is the Federal Reserve Chairman.

Throughout her career, Andrea Mitchells has been known for her straight forward journalistic approach and that was magnified when she asked the Sudanese Preside, Omar el-Bashir, why any Americans should believe his promises in 2005.

While Andrea Mitchells has been asking the tough questions, everyone else has been wondering whether or not she has had any cosmetic plastic surgery procedures performed to maintain the beauty of her youth.

The various rumors have sparked enough attention to get others asking, has she undergone surgery? Well, the evidence would appear to prove the physical changes. Her body seems to have changed in a way that is hard to believe is natural. People have speculated that she has had at least one, probably more, face lifts or Botox injections to keep her face from matching her age. She appears a lot younger than she should, and photos show the lack of wrinkles.

It certainly could be possible that she didn’t have plastic surgery, but it seems more likely that she went under the knife. Many people her age look a lot older than she does, but there are natural ways to keep your skin looking young. So, it is hard to know without hearing the truth from her mouth.

Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos

People from all over the world have been comparing pictures of Andrea Mitchell from when she was a young journalist to photos taken much more recently in an attempt to prove that she has, indeed, undergone cosmetic plastic surgery procedures to maintain her youthful beauty. The rumors suggest that Andrea Mitchell has gone under the knife for Botox or Restylane injections, and a face lift.

If you are unfamiliar with plastic surgery lingo, Restylane injections are very similar to Botox injections. Restylane is a clear gel that can be inserted underneath the skin to get rid of creases and fine lines.

While there are those who could never doubt the use of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures to maintain her youthful appearance, there are actually quite a few people, including doctors and medical experts that do doubt the use of these unnatural factors because even when she was middle aged, her face was so flawless.

Andrea Mitchell’s face did not show any signs of wrinkling and there was no sagging skin around her neck. This led people to speculate that she had received Botox injections and possible even a face lift. Those who are firm believers in these speculations put their faith in the fact that they believe there is absolutely no way she could possible look so youthful and flawless at her age without the use of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

Andrea Mitchell has never denied these accusations of her having gone under the knife publicly, but that also means that she has not admitted to having had them done. While it is easy to believe that the only way people can maintain any ounce of a youthful appearance in their older age is to get cosmetic plastic surgery procedure, we do need to keep in mind that there are other elements that could be affecting her appearance.

Over time, companies have developed all sorts of products that are said to help your skin maintain is youthful glow and appearance. Other elements that might affect some of the photos people have been comparing could be lighting, hairstyle, dress, photo shop, and more. Because these elements give us reasonable doubt and the fact that Andrea Mitchell has not confirmed any of these plastic surgery rumors herself, we can in no way prove their authenticity.

The photo above shows a before and after of a woman. The first is the original undoctored photo. The second is the after photo that has been heavily doctored through the use of a program called photo shop. Photo shop can work magic and quite literally erase every flaw one might find unflattering or be insecure about.

Regardless of whether or not they are true, we do know one thing. If Andrea Mitchell has had any cosmetic plastic surgery work done, it has been done so well and so flawlessly. If these rumors are true, Andrea is the perfect example of what great plastic surgery should look like instead of all the botched jobs we see today and she definitely does not need to undergo any more surgeries because she looks FABULOUS!

Maybe we will never know the truth, but we can look at evidence and wait for Andrea Mitchell to stick to our statement or not. There’s a possibility that she did have plastic surgery, but, we cannot know for certain. The changes that she went through could, maybe, be natural, as there are ways to change the appearance drastically. Maybe one day she will come out and state the truth. For now, however, we will have to keep watching her reports and looking for any other evidence to prove these rumors of plastic surgeries. Definitely as she continues to age it will be made clear.

Whether or not Andrea Mitchell decides to come out publicly and either deny or own up to these rumors, we should recognize all the beauty and talent that she has. I mean, come on. This gorgeous woman is in her early seventies and she looks thirty years younger. Plus, all that talent and passion she portrays in her work every day. Let’s face it, there are more important things in life that just our looks, but Andrea Mitchell has it all. She’s got brains, passion, and looks. You GO GIRL!

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