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Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before and After Boob Job Pictures

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Boob Job Before After Picture

Anna Faris is one of a few celebrities who openly admits plastic surgery. 39-year-old actress told that she has had work done on her face and body. In detail, Anna Faris said that plastic surgery of boob job and lips injection are procedures she underwent. It’s happy to see her honesty and openness. She simply makes her relation with plastic surgery clear. And as we see, Anna Faris plastic surgery has changed her appearance significantly.

Let’s see the result of her breast enhancement. Anna Faris before and after picture shows it so clearly. Anna boobs were far smaller when she was younger. Her chest was simply flat. Thanks to boob job, Faris has bigger ones today. It’s breast implants that make Faris’ breasts look rounder and tighter than before. Anna Faris has 32C bra size . She certainly looks sexier with her new boobs, doesn’t she?

It was reported that Anna Faris took breast augmentation in about 2007. However, as she told The New Yorker, her boob job decision was related to her divorce with first husband Ben Indra.

“It wasn’t a career thing—it was a divorce thing.”

A year later, actress who portrayed Cindy Campbell in film Scary Movie admitted another procedure. She openly admitted that she has taken lips augmentation via lips injection. This time she took “career thing” as the excuse. Her role as Shelley Darlington in film The House Bunny has been factor of her lips injection decision.

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Picture

Anna Faris Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

We can see result of filler in her pictures. The result is not too significant but her lips are different than it used to. Do you think lips filler makes her lips sexier? Or not? Or you may want to compare Anna Faris lips injection with Charlize Theron and Michelle Pfeiffer.

We appreciate her openness. However, some people believe that Anna Faris may have more than boob job and lips augmentation. Some believe that Anna is also taking other procedures such as Botox injection, mini-facelift and eye surgery. By examining Anna Faris pictures, do you believe she gets those procedures?

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