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Annette Bening Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox

Annette Bening Plastic Surgery

Annette Bening Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Annette Bening plastic surgery is quite obvious. Her recent face appearance shows unusual change. It is not too natural for her. It is stiffer and brighter than before. What procedure has she done?

Annette Carol Bening didn’t too open about her plastic surgery. But by examining Bening’s before and after plastic surgery pictures it is hard to not mention botox. Botox injection is procedure she highly possible underwent.

She looks far different compared to her in the past. Her face skin looks flawless. Agin signs such as wrinkles, creases and frown are almost completely disappeared. Look at her forehead. This part appears as if it is made of wax or porcelain. It is flawless yet frozen.

We can’t deny that Botox has erased her aging lines significantly. Her wrinkles-free face makes it harder to believe her actual age. Annette is 57 years old. We would all agree that Kansas-born actress looks far younger than her age.

That’s good point from Annette Bening plastic surgery. However, we may say bad things as we notice some unnatural impression on her face. Botox may erase aging lines of her but it seems that she injected it a bit too much.

And as you might say, what comes from overdone botox injection is always some unnatural face. Botox makes muscles in skin tissue immovable, simply makes its patients lose their natural expression.

Annette Bening Plastic Surgery Picture

Annette Bening Before and After Botox Photo

While Annette Bening’s botox is easy to notice, her facelift rumor comes to surface. Many just can’t believe that her tight skin is gained only from botox. Some mini-facelift procedure may have also been performed on her face.

The face-lifting procedure helped her to get back her tight, youthful face skin. Combination of facelift and botox is popular enough in celebrity plastic surgery world. And Annette Bening’s age is not too old for the combo. Well, let’s hope she doesn’t addicted to the procedures.

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