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Anushka Sharma Plastic Surgery Rumors? Plastic Surgery Before and After photos

Rumors circulate everyday about which celebrity has had the most recent plastic surgery done. Female celebrities tend to have plastic surgery, thinking they need it to stay famous or loved by the public. There are so many different forms of plastic surgeries, and some are a lot more obvious than others; from nose jobs to implants, and all that in between. Anushka Sharma, a young Indian actress known for a lot of Indian hits, was rumored to have undergone some seriously flawed lip surgeries; resulting in her bottom lip looking bigger than her upper one. These claims have been shut down by the actress but they still live among her fans.

On May 1st 1988, the beautiful Anushka Sharma was born. She grew up dreaming of one day becoming a supermodel. While she was on her way to fulfilling her dream, she became a very successful model who was associated with campaigns for Nathella Jewelry, Fiat Palio, Silk & Shine, Lakme Fashion Week, and more. She also lucked out and snagged a contract with Yash Raj Films for 3 movies which would provide her acting career with a little boost.

This sparked a longer and rich career, earning multiple awards and being in multiple movies. She is famous for a range of movies, such as thrillers. Her career started early and has since slowed down, but she is still well known to many. She is unsure about working in Hollywood, and prefers working in the Indian film business. At only 28, she is definitely an actress to watch out for if you enjoy Indian films or actors.

Anushka Sharma’s first film featured her alongside superstar Shah Rukh Khan in 2008 which became a total hit. Afterwards, Anushka worked in films that increased her fan base and gave her critical acclaim.

Very early in her career you can view Anushka Sharma in major hit films such as Badmaash Company in 2010, Band Baaja Baaraat in 2010, Patiala House in 2011, Jab Tak Hai Jaan in 2012 and PK in 2014.

Her fan base grew quickly, so she was launched into plenty of movies. 2010-2014 were probably her busiest year’s career-wise.

Anushka Sharma’s performance in the 2015 hit thriller NH10 has been considered her best performance so far. In her career of 11 films, Anushka has already had the honor of winning 5 very prestigious awards. This makes her one of Bollywood’s most promising actresses.

Like many celebrities in this day and age, Anushka Sharma became the subject of some cosmetic plastic surgery controversies at the start of her career. It all started when she had the privilege to be a guest on a celebrity talk show called Koffee with Karan. While she was on the show, people’s attention was drawn completely to her lips in a way that even she would not have wished for in her worst nightmares.

There was such a drastic change from her natural lips that people spread rumors that the beautiful actress had more than likely undergone cosmetic plastic surgery and gotten a lip job.

Many people speculate that Anushka Sharma probably got the lip job to fulfil her desire of wanting fuller, poutier lips, but she ended up with a botched procedure. Her lips after the surgery had the resemblance of being stung by a bee and just looked too abnormally swollen.

It was definitely a plastic surgery failure, which is a huge risk that actresses take when they decide to go through with it. Many surgeries end up very badly, some obvious or even harmful to the person. This lip implant was a very big shocker for such a beautiful and talented young actress.

Her changed smile hurt a lot of her fans, as it made her look less natural and sweet. She was known for being cute and that was slowly being taken away.

This literally shocked people when they saw what this once naturally beautiful actress had done to her face. I mean, her bottom lip was not proportionate to the upper lip. It was just too big.

Anushka Sharma’s lips had changed so drastically that they ended up becoming one of the most prominent features on her face that people noticed. The actress’s lip job even prevented her from smiling the way she did before the supposed lip procedure.

If so, they surely did not work perfectly. Her lips had a very weird look to them for quite a while. Many hated how her lips and smile looked after the odd changes. Her natural cuteness was definitely tarnished for many of her fans.

A lot of people do not believe her, but there is no other proof to the surgeries. Maybe they were just an effect of poorly used lip enhancing tools. She could have just had a bad reaction to a tool used for the role. It is hard to think about though, especially because of how long her lips were changed, and how badly. So, we may never truly know what happened to the beautiful actress’ lips, but it sure is fun to try to prove.

Her lips were changed but she is still the same beautiful actress, and no other changes have been made. She will probably not have any other plastic surgeries, if it was one, so hopefully she can maintain her cuteness and popularity. If she had gone through plastic surgery, then she would certainly have a poor reaction to any others. She would not be the first young actress to undergo plastic surgeries, though, and many have been under the knife more than she has.

Before” the plastic surgery procedure, Anushka Sharma’s lips would curl in when she smiled which gave her a very cute and charming wide smile. Now that her fuller, poutier lips restrict her smile, there are some people who believe she has lost some of the cuteness that she was known for.

The rumors ended up making such huge headlines that Anushka Sharma herself had to respond to them via her twitter. The actress stated that her ‘out of proportion’ lips were due to some make up techniques and temporary lip enhancing tools she’d been using.

Sharma tried to explain herself by saying that she used those tools and techniques to help get the perfect look for a role in her film Bombay Velvet in which she would portray a jazz singer in the late 1960s and 70s during 2015.

Not only did Anushka Sharma deny these rumors of having undergone cosmetic plastic surgery procedures for her lips, but she also took a stance against such things. She said that she did not like the idea of making unnatural changes to her body and that she doesn’t support, stand for, or recommend ANY type of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.

Quite honestly, looking at the many pictures that I’ve seen of her, I believe her twitter statement. There is so much that make up can do. I mean, it really does hold the power to transform anyone into anything. So, when Anushka Sharma says that she didn’t get any work done, I believe her. There just isn’t enough visual evidence to suggest the drastic change that everyone seems to be talking about.

Maybe she got the Kylie Lip Kit and began contouring a little. Who knows? But either way, I think we can all agree that whether or not Anushka Sharma has gone under the knife, she is one beautiful and talented Lady. We should be focused on that way more that talking about what her lips look like from one interview to the next. So, Anushka, if you are reading this, Girl, you are amazing and beautiful and we love you for it! Even though we know you don’t need it, we wish you all the luck in the world for a successful, bright, and beautiful future.

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