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Audrina Patridge Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Audrina Patridge Plastic Surgery

Audrina Patridge Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

10 years ago Audrina Patridge stole attention after her appearance in the TV series The Hills. Beside the series, Patridge also had another way to make her appearance more stand out. Some plastic surgery procedures on face and body attract many eyes. Audrina Patridge plastic surgery left noticeable change on her.

It is easy to find differences in Audrina Patridge before and after plastic surgery pictures. On her face we can see significant nose change. As you can tell from the pictures, her nose was bigger before. It’s mainly the nose bridge that looked wide. Bump was also part of her nose tip. Some reshaping procedure was certainly needed there.

Nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) is the best thing to do. Thanks to nose job Audrina Patridge has her nose smaller and better. Look at her nose bridge. It appears far slimmer than it used to be. So does her nose wing. Patridge made her nose more pinched with the bump absence.

Audrina plastic surgery on her nose has been done well. And her makeup just makes things more perfect. Doesn’t she look much better with her new nose?

Beside on face, work on boobs also part of Audrina Patridge plastic surgery. Like the nose job, the boob job also left significant change on Audrina. Her comparison photo capture different chest shape. Audrina Patridge may have fuller chest today but we all know that her chest wasn’t that full before.

Audrina Patridge Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Audrina Patridge Plastic Surgery Boob Job Photo

And what on earth can give such a drastic change other than breast augmentation? Enhancement on Audrina’s boobs is good enough. Most of us would say that she looks sexier with her bigger bust. And she doesn’t seem to be addicted with it. What do you think?

Overall, we would all agree that Audrina Patridge plastic surgery works well. And she must be proud of her surgeon work that changed her nose and boobs effectively. Give your thought about her surgery result in the comment box bellow.

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