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Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery Before and After

Barbara Eden plastic surgery is example for both bad and good of celebrity plastic surgery. Barbara Eden looks far younger than she should. At her 80s age, Barbara amazes us with her so youthful face. Eden doesn’t clearly admit her plastic surgery, though. But, her youthful (as well as unnatural) face is hard to be said coming from her “old” gene.

Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery

Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery Photo

How old is Barbara Eden? Well, she is old enough. Barbara was born on August 23, 1931. Arizona-born woman is 84 years old. But as we can see, Barbara face doesn’t seem age. No wrinkles, no frown. Just flawless.

And as many people think, Barbara Eden may have asked for plastic surgeon helps to regain her young face. Procedures such as facelift, botox, browlift, nose job and cheek augmentation are allegedly done by her.

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The results of those plastic surgery procedures are obvious enough. Although we can’t deny her youthful face, Barbara Then and Now picture shows that she has more unnatural face, too. Young Barbara Eden certainly looked naturally beautiful. She was one of classic beauties in Hollywood.

She was a beautiful genie in I Dream of Jeannie. But let’s throw that memory. Barbara Eden has changed the story with plastic surgery. Face-lift and Botox may erase her aging signs and make her to appear far younger. But the rest procedures such as nose job (rhinoplasty), browlift, cheek augmentation, are creating unnatural profile.

Barbara Eden Facelift, Botox

Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

However, she tends to deny plastic surgery. On some interviews, Barbara Eden said that healthy life and workout are her secret. As she told a few years ago, beside good breakfast and protein she has also had routine schedule.

“I spin three times a week. Then I work with a trainer for half an hour with weights. It’s important to lift weights for your bones.”

Well, it’s happy to hear that she loves healthy life. But, by considering her dramatic changes, does natural exercise change someone’s face?

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