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Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery: Before and After Facelift

Barbara Hershey Facelift

Barbara Hershey Before and After Facelift Picture

Like many other old actresses, Barbara Hershey also slowly changes her natural face with the unnatural one. Barbara had spent about 50 years in show biz. Apparently, she won’t let people forget her dedication. Barbara Hershey plastic surgery has become another thing that reminds us of her.

Barbara is 68 years old. Her face appearance, however, attracts people’s attention. Sadly, the change is not a good one. As you might have think, she looks worse than she used to be. Barbara Hershey never openly said her procedures. But it is not too difficult guessing what she had done to her face.

Some plastic surgery experts suggested the possibility of facelift, botox, face and lips filler. A prominent American celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul S. Nassif indicated multiple procedures on Hershey’s face parts.

“Barbara Hershey appears to have had a facelift, along with Botox and facial fillers. The facelift has given her face a slightly tight appearance. She may have had filler injected into her lips as well,” as the doctor told a few years ago.

We can see result of the procedures easily in Barbara Hershey’s before and after plastic surgery pictures. She certainly can’t hide her stiff face. Compared to it before, her face is unnaturally smooth and flawless.

It seems that Barbara’s surgeon has performed the facelift too far on her. Too much botox has made her frown wax-like. Her wrinkles-free face is too good for her age, isn’t it?

Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery

Barbara Hershey Plastic Surgery Before After Photo

Well, there is also lips change we should discuss. Expert has said that lips filler has possibly been in both upper and lower lips of Hershey. This consideration comes from he fuller lips.

We would all agree that she has increased her lips volume. Barbara Heshey plastic surgery picture, again, shows clear change on her lips. Overall, you may not say that Barbara Hershey gets good plastic surgery. We are curious how she ages without plastic surgery.


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