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Blake lively before and after plastic surgery

Blake Ellender Brown, or better known by her stage name Blake Lively, is a well admired actress and model. Lively’s great looks and perfect body is something that the actress is known for, and it is also an inspiration for some women.

But now we, along with some fans, have noticed something different in her looks. It seems that her nose and her breasts are different. While Lively claims that any change to her looks is due to working out and dieting, we noticed the difference when comparing pictures of her now to the past.

Blake has made quite a name for herself in the movie world in recent years. She’s starred in hits such as The Town, Savages, Age of Adaline, and most recently, The Shallows.

Before the Plastic Surgery

Blake has been the face of Chanel, and has been named one of the hottest or most desirable women in the world by many men’s magazines, including Maxim’s Hot 100 Women list, where she ranked number 4 in 2010.

It has been widely noted that got the part of Bridget in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants by simply walking in and leaving a photo of herself. She had no big credits to her name and was an unknown actress, but it was decided she was perfect for the part. I’m sure her girl-next-door beauty had something to do with that decision.

It’s quite obvious to us that the actress has had a breast implants and a nose job despite her claims otherwise.

Although Lively denies having plastic surgery, we can all notice that her perfect looks came from a doctor, and not by the luck of genetics.

Blake Lively became famous for playing the lead character, Serena van der Woodsen on “Gossip Girl.” She is also famous for playing one of the four leads in the film series “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.”

Due to her success at a young age, we think she might have had plastic surgery.

Blake has had two daughters with Ryan. Their first daughter, whom they named James, was born in December 2014. Their second child, a girl they named Ines, was born in September 2016. As noted above, pregnancy can cause an increase in breast size, but Blake’s breasts got bigger before she was pregnant, and never changed in between her two pregnancies. Therefore, this suggests breast enhancement surgery.

Many wonder why a woman who is so beautiful would choose to undergo plastic surgery. Despite denying all reports of going under the knife, critics and fans agree that her nose is quite different from what it once was. It is much narrower now and does not sit as close to her upper lip as it previously did.

Blake Lively After Plastic surgery

It has been agreed by the media and fans that the changes she made to her body have only enhanced her beauty. While some stars have been known to take plastic surgery to the extremes, Blake’s changes are subtle and tasteful. Her breasts are not ridiculously huge or out of proportion to the rest of her body. The size she chose suits her well and she looks fantastic.

Blake’s new nose also looks amazing. The surgeon who worked on her did a fantastic job. The change is completely natural on her and makes her even prettier than she was before the surgery.

So, why does Blake continue to insist she hasn’t gone under the knife when it seems so obvious that she has? The before and after photos show a very noticeable difference in her nose shape and size, and in her breast size.

It is understandable that she doesn’t want everyone to know about her personal choices, but she does look gorgeous, so why deny it?

Many changes came into Lively’s life after she married actor, Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds and Lively met on the set of the critically hated — and box-office failure — super hero film, “The Green Lantern.” One of these changes was becoming a mother.

There are three ways for a woman’s bust size to enlarge. The three ways are pregnancy, plastic surgery, and weight gain. Since it is obvious that the actress did not gain enough weight to increase her bust size, the change must have been from the other two options.

Because of pregnancy can change the look of a woman’s body, it is quite possible that Blake Lively’s breast size enlarged after becoming the mother of two. In some women, the shape and size of the breasts are completely different from its size before pregnancy. However, this is not the case for Lively.

Breast swelling cause from pregnancy is only temporary. As stated above, the shape of the breast does change in some women, but breasts tend to sag. Lively’s breasts are still full. It is quite possible that Lively wears an amazing bra that make her breast look great.

However, her boobs still look great when she is in revealing dresses. While Lively is most likely wearing a cutlet or another type of bra alternative, her breast should not look super full.

When you compare past and recent photos of the actress, you notice that her breasts look bigger and fuller. In pictures of Lively when she was starting to get famous, like in 2005, you notice that her breast looks smaller. While it is possible that she was wearing a bra that minimizes bust size, it is quite unlikely.

Blake’s Boob Job ?

Another thing you notice about this past pictures beside size is the shape of her bust. In these pictures, Lively’s bust is not as full as it is now. In fact, as you look at pictures of Lively as her career progresses, you notice that her breast gradually got fuller.

While it could just be an amazing bra or by working out her chest muscles, it is more than likely that Lively has breast enhancement surgery.

Besides her breast looking different, Blake Lively’s nose looks different as well. This change was not a radical change since her nose does not look too different. But the difference is noticeable.

Blake’s Nose Job

In before pictures, the actress’s nose was rounder and bulbous. She had a thick nose bridge with huge nostrils. Recent pictures of Lively shows her nose looking different.

Her nose looks slimmer in most angles. The actress’s nose bridge is slimmer and her nostrils are smaller.

While it is obvious that she had a slight nose job for whatever reason, it is still important to state that there could be another reason that her nose looks different as well. This reason could be her make-up.

Make-up artists, like the ones that Lively uses, know many techniques that can change people’s faces. For example, make-up artists have used techniques to make people look older or younger on films and TV shows. It is no surprise that they can can change the contours of a person’s face.

Contouring has become popular over the last few years. For those who don’t know, contouring is using make-up to enhance the shape of a face. Contouring can change the way a person’s face looks like, even though it is traditionally subtle.

It is quite possible that Lively’s nose looks slimmer due to contouring. I mean her nose is slimmer in photos from a red carpet event. Everyone knows that most celebrities use make-up artists at these types of events to look their best.

But her nose also looks slimmer in selfies or in other picture posts that her friends post on social media such as Instagram. It makes it obvious that the actress had had some work done.

It is possible that Blake Lively plastic surgery is just a rumor. Make-up use can explain the fact that her nose looks different. Contouring techniques can also be used to make breast look fuller. Make-up is a possible reason that the actress’s body looks different.

Yes, make-up does wonders when applied in specific ways. It can change a person’s entire look. Look at the use of make-up in movies. It can make an actor look younger, older or dead. It can turn a human into a monster or into the victim of a horrific beating. Make-up can be magical in the changes it makes.

However, make-up cannot enlarge breasts. That is one trick that professionals haven’t achieved yet. Make-up also can’t shrink or change the shape of your nose. Sorry, but that’s just not possible.

Speaking of breasts, it is quite possible that Lively’s bust size changed due to working out or pregnancy. But it seems that this is not the case.

It is quite obvious that Lively has had work done. The change is subtle enough for people to assume that it was caused by other factors. It does not change that she might have gone under the knife.

Whether Blake Lively has had work done or not, she still looks really great. If these rumors are true, then her doctors did a great job. The work done to her was subtle, and it did not change her looks. Her appearance has only enhanced as Lively ages.

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