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Bob Costas Plastic Surgery, Before After Botox Pictures

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

Bob Costas plastic surgery has attracted people since more than five years ago. Change on his face is easy to notice. 64-year-old American sportcaster has been on the screen since 1980s and you may remember his face well before the plastic surgery issue. Bob Costas was natural, meaning his face is much more unnatural today.

Bob Costas is not the only presenter with plastic surgery. Some other popular names (Lesley Visser for instance) are also having appearance enhancement via surgeon’s needle. Back to Costas, he has undoubtedly gotten plastic surgery more than enough.

Bob Costas and Botox are closely linked. Botox injection is the most known procedure from Bob Costas plastic surgery. Even if he denies it, his face appearance is too bright and too smooth for him.

Botox changed his face skin significantly. Bob Costas’ before and after plastic surgery pictures explain the change better. As we can see, his recent face looks like as if it is made of wax. It is certainly different with his in the past.

By judging his unnatural face we can say that Bob had injected the botox excessively. The Botox may have helped him to reduce wrinkles and aging lines but the overdone work is just not good on him.

While Botox replacing his face skin with “wax”, hair transplant brings new covering to his head. Bob Costas hair transplantation is just another procedure he allegedly has.

Bob Costas Plastic Surgery Picture

Bob Costas Before and After Botox Photo

However, unlike result of the Botox injection, work on his head is not too obvious. Or at least we couldn’t see significant difference between him before and after the procedure. What do you think of it?

Bob Costas may be good enough in presenting sport shows like Olympic games but he is not that good in taking plastic surgery. Bob Costas plastic surgery, especially the Botox injection has slowly transformed him into a wax person which is not too good on the screen.

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