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Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery Nose Job, Botox

Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery

Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Reports of Bradley Cooper plastic surgery are widely spreading on the internet. 40-year-old American actor once admitted that he has had plastic surgery when he was young. When he was 15 he got accident that required him to go to the operating table.

He didn’t clearly tell the procedure, and many of us would not care since it’s happened years ago. More importantly, he took it for health reason. However, there are some plastic surgery procedures that follow his life these days. This time his plastic surgery is not related with any accident.

As you might have guessed, Bradley Cooper may have taken plastic surgery for aesthetic reason, or career reason. As many people and plastic surgery experts believe, Bradley Cooper has possibly taken nose job and botox. These procedures have made his face a bit different. Compared to his face before, Bradley face looks a bit unnatural.

It seems that Bradley is following John Travolta steps, taking overdone Botox. Cooper is going crazy with Botox injection. Botox replaces his natural face with waxed one. Do you agree?  And how about her nose? Actually we can see his nose job result in his Before After plastic surgery pictures. But if Bradley Cooper’s comparison photo doesn’t convince you, expert’s words may do.

Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery Picture

Bradley Cooper Nose Job & Botox Photo

“Bradley Cooper has a naturally rugged look.  He may have had his nose refined with a Rhinoplasty, but that appears to be the only cosmetic enhancement for him,” plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer told

As expert says, Cooper has taken nose job (rhinoplasty). But it seems that Suki Waterhouse’s ex doesn’t take nose surgery excessively. It left slight change without significant alteration.

Most important from Bradley Cooper’s plastic surgery is, he at least doesn’t ruin his own face. He should consider other ways if the fear of aging is always frightening him.

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