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Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery, Before After Facelift & Botox

Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery

Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Burt Reynolds once admitted that he had work done on his eyes for medical reason. However, he didn’t admit plastic surgery on other face features. We don’t seem to need her confession. Result of Burt Reynolds plastic surgery is easy to notice.

Burt Reynolds’ pictures show unnatural face skin of him. Compared to the Before, the After picture captures amazingly smoother, tighter face. Procedures facelift, botox injection and eyelid surgery are hard to deny.

Burt Reynolds Facelift, Botox

Burt Reynolds was once known for wrinkles and frown on his forehead area. Along with his mustache, in 1980s photo of him we can also see crease and crow’s feet easily near his eyes. But magic happened. Time has been reversed. As we can see, today he appears without his crazy wrinkles.

Change on Burt Reynolds’ face is significant, and unusual. If you think plastic surgery has taken part, you are not the only who think the same. Many also believe facelift and botox are the main cause.

The facelift has pulled his skin effectively yet overly. His surgeon seemed to have performed the procedure a bit too far. The facelift makes his face tight but too tight.

Botox comes to add the unnaturalness. Burt Reynolds is 80 years old and he should normally have wrinkles here and there on face. But Botox almost completely erased the aging lines. It may be good but it could also be too good for man his age.

Burt Reynolds Facelift, Botox

Burt Reynolds Facelift, Botox Photo

Burt Reynold Eyelid Surgery

Just like on his face skin, change on Burt Reynolds’ eyelids is also easy to see. Eyelid surgery or eyelift is the most possible procedure causing that. It seems that Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) has mainly been performed on his upper eyelids.

Burt Reynolds seems to realize that work on eyes area could fix bad, sagging eyes look. The procedure does help him. Although his eyes look a bit unnatural, but we can say he looks fresher and younger with his new lids.

Burt Reynolds eyelid surgery may have fixed his eyes problem. However, we should blame his overdone botox. What do you think about Burt Reynolds plastic surgery?

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