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Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Before and After

Even without her confession, Carol Burnett plastic surgery result is clear enough. As we can see in many Carol Burnett Before and After plastic surgery pictures, she may have had work done on her face. Her face is different, and much worse than her in the past. Many people believe that Carol Burnett has botched her face by getting overdone plastic surgery.

Carol Burnett Facelift

Carol Burnett Facelift, Botox Before and After Picture

There are two main procedures associated with Carol Burnett plastic surgery. The two are facelift and botox injection. Facelift is common among American celebrities. Many actresses take the face-lift as the method to fight against aging. However, Carol Burnett seems to go a little bit crazy with facelift.

Instead of makes her look good, this facelift makes her face weirder. She can’t hide her unnatural face shape and expression. You see it, her lips become asymmetrical. Meanwhile, her lips looked nice when she was younger. This can be effect of bad facelift she underwent, besides, her lips are also possibbly injected with lips filler.

However, Botox comes to overcome our disappointment over her bad facelift. The Botox helps Carol Burnett to erase aging lines. Botox works well mainly on her forehead. Her forehead is frown-free.

And as you can see in Carol Burnett Before and After photos, her face is flawless. Wrinkles, frown and fine lines are almost completely disappeared.

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery

Carol Burnett Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Carol Burnett appears much younger with her flawless face skin. Although sometimes her face appears unnatural, but she looks okay with it. Carol Burnett botox injection can be a perfect decision. It can make many of us forget about Carol Burnett age.

How old is Carol Burnett? Carol Creighton Burnett was born on April 26, 1933. She is 82 years old. If she really did get all of those plastic surgeries, Carol Burnett is certainly an example of old celebrity with plastic surgery. We can’t deny if Carol Burnett is a legendary American actress. But, should she also be a plastic surgery legendary?

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