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Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery Before & After

Carol Vorderman plastic surgery is not a rumor anymore. She openly admits plastic surgery. As she told some media that she is happy with her plastic surgery. It helps her to fix some parts that she needs to fix. British celebrity pointed out that her eyes are among face features that get the work done.

Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery

Carol Vorderman Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Vorderman didn’t that honest at first. She left all plastic surgery rumors in silent. However, it seems that the trace of plastic surgery is too hard to hide. 55-year-old host finally admitted plastic surgery as one of her beauty treatments.

Back in 2012, as Vorderman told Woman & Home magazine, she has at least her eyes work done. At the same time, Vorderman was also indicating the possibility of taking minor face-lift.

“I’m a bit frightened of the idea of a full facelift because, when you look in the mirror, you want to look like yourself. But I’ll get little things done, I might have an eye lift if I feel I need one.”

Beside eye-lift and facelift, Carol Vorderman rejuvenation is also involving procedures Botox injection and breast augmentation. Public noticed significant differences on her faces skin and her boobs appearances. Although there is no clear statement about Botox and boob job, but the result of it can be easily seen from her pictures.

In Before and After plastic surgery pictures of Carol Vorderman, we can see smooth and wrinkle-free face skin on her. Actually there’s nothing wrong with her youthful face, except its age. She is a half century plus five, years old. Doesn’t she look much younger? That’s why many believe that Botox is the secret for that.

Carol Vorderman Boob Job

Carol Vorderman Boob Job Before and After Photo

Another obvious change can also be found on her boobs. Even without her admission, the result of boob job is hard to deny. See her comparison photos, she had smaller breasts and flatter chest before. And here miracle comes again.

Her small boobs have transformed into bigger ones. She amazes us with rounder and tighter boobs. She may have had breast implants in it. She certainly looks sexier with her 32D bust size. Do you agree?

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