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Carrot top’s before and after plastic surgery photos

Famous comedian Carrot Top is one of the most famous prop comics in the world. The comedian is known for his self-deprecating humor and his famous bright red mane. His stage name came from the comedian’s hair that is as bright as a carrot.

Carrot Top, whose real name is Scott Thompson, was born on February 25, 1965 in Florida. Besides being a prop comic, Carrot Top is also an actor. He has appeared in many TV shows and films, including “Scrubs,” “Gene Simmons Family Jewels.” and “Chairman of the Board.”

Carrot Top is a part of a long list of celebrities that people speculate whether they have had plastic surgery or not. Since the comedian is in his fifties, it is not uncommon for people in that age group get or have had some work done.

Carrot Top Plastic Surgery Procedures

While people assume only women have plastic surgery, it is quite common for men to get some sort of cosmetic procedure. For example, actor Mickey Rourke is famous for having some work done. So if the rumors are true, Carrot Top is not the only man in Hollywood to have gotten plastic surgery.

Many websites have commented on whether the comedian has had plastic surgery or not. Rumor has it, Carrot Top as had Botox, a brow lift, and laser resurfacing treatment. But if you look at before and after pictures online, you will notice that parts of Carrot Top’s face have changed over the years. This change was not due to age.

Botox injections are a regular staple of plastic surgery in Hollywood. It is quite common for celebrities to get these injections. Botox injections make a person’s face look smoother and wrinkles are less noticeable.

Carrot Top began doing stand-up comedy during his freshman year at Florida Atlantic University. He was encouraged by a friend to perform at an ‘open mic’ night and was received well by the crowd. It was during his second performance that he introduced his first prop.

Carrot Top is known for his use of props in his comedy shows, and this allows him to stand apart from other comedians. His use of props and ability to write them effectively into his shows were key to his rise in fame.

In the 1990s, Carrot Top became the highest grossing comedian on tour in America.

In 2005, he signed a deal with Luxor Hotel and Casino on the strip in Las Vegas for a regular show. In 2015, at the tenth anniversary of his resident gig, he signed a contract for another five years with Luxor. He performs nearly 300 shows a year in the Atrium Theatre there. Fans flock to see his show year round.

Looking at the before and after photos, the changes are quite drastic. Not only are his eyebrows raised unnaturally and his skin pulled extremely tight, but the whole shape of his face appears altered. In the 1990s, he had a long, thin rectangular-shaped face with light colored eyebrows and a nose that tipped upwards.

Now, Carrot Top’s face appears shorter and more square with a pointy chin, dark eyebrows that are so high they are almost vertical, and a nose that tips downward. This would suggest a face lift and nose job.

Whatever work has been done, Carrot Top has either gone overboard or not chosen well when it comes to plastic surgeons. His raised eyebrows give him the look of constant surprise, while his widened eyes and defined cheekbones have a feminine look. That combined with the masculine square jaw give a rather creepy overall look. It’s like he couldn’t decide which look to go with so he combined a bunch.

Whether it is the result of too many surgeries, or one plastic surgery gone bad, the comedian does not look natural or attractive. His face looks like plastic and does not appear to move much.

Some have described Carrot Top as looking like a cartoon version of himself. Many celebs have been known to go too far with plastic surgery and it seems he may fall into that category as well. In an attempt to look younger, he ends up looking creepy.

It has also been noted that his overall physique has altered quite dramatically. He used to be quite skinny and lanky, but now has the body of a bodybuilder. Those close to him says he is quite into weight training and works out daily, but some have suggested steroids use could be the reason for the pumped up appearance.

This seems to be his response any time he is questioned about plastic surgery. He avoids answering by using humor. The good news is that he doesn’t seem to be bothered by the rumors or allegations. He simply laughs it off and makes a joke.

Carrot Top’s face is very smooth for someone in their early 50s. Most 50-somethings have wrinkles in their faces. It is a natural part of aging, but Botox allows a face to appear youthful.

This illusion of youth is important in Hollywood since the industry is youth obsessed. Carrot Top is not different from another famous person who wants to keep their youthful look.

If you look at pictures of Carrot Top from the past, you will see signs of aging. In pictures that have a close up on the comedian’s face, you will see wrinkles. If you now look at current pictures of Carrot Top, you will see that his face is super smooth. He looks younger than 52.

It is quite obvious that he gets Botox injections because of how young he looks compared to his past pictures. There is no wrinkle on Carrot Top’s face when the comedian is at the age where wrinkles are quite common.

Another obvious procedure that Carrot Top has done is a brow lift. As the name suggests, a brow lift is a procedure that lifts the forehead as a way for the face to look more youthful.

Since Carrot Top has no wrinkles on his face, it is obvious that he might have had this procedure done along with Botox. 50-somethings like Carrot Top usually has wrinkles in their foreheads. It is also the time where brow lines start to sag due to the nature of aging.

Current pictures of the comedian all show that he has no wrinkles on his forehead. He also does not have sagging eyebrows. This leads people to assume he has had a brow lift.

Another reason people think that the comedian has had a brow lift is that his eyebrows look a lot higher than they were in the past. Looking at past photos of the comedian, you can see that his eyebrows, while thin, made a v-shape. In recent pictures, his eyebrows are placed higher than before, and they no longer have that v-shape.

Another way Carrot Top was able to receive his super smooth skin is from a laser resurfacing treatment. Laser resurfacing treatment is a procedure that gets rid of any skin imperfections such as discoloring and blemishes.

In old pictures of the comedian, you can see that Carrot Top he had some blemishes in his face. You can also see that Carrot Top had an uneven skin tone as some parts of his skin was slightly darker than others.

Now the comedian has no visible blemishes. In fact, the red blemishes that used to mark the comedian’s skin is no longer there since there is no red in his face. The discoloration, like the blemishes, are also nonexistent in Carrot Top’s skin.

Based on the results, we can clearly see that Carrot Top most likely has had a laser resurfacing treatment. His face is very clear and has no signs of imperfections.

Despite his face changing, another part of the comedian’s body has changed as well. Carrot Top started his career off being lean, but in the past decade or so, the comedian has become buff. While this is not the work of plastic surgery, this new look shows that the comedian likes to keep a youthful appearance.

While Carrot Top has denied the plastic surgery rumors, it is quite clear that his face, along with his physique, has changed. His face is wrinkled free and smooth for someone his age. His skin is clearer as well.

Many websites have placed Carrot Top’s plastic surgery in their lists for the worst celebrities’ plastic surgery. This is because the change was drastic since the comedian is almost unrecognizable. When the comedian first introduced his new look, it shocked many people.

Unlike other celebrities that had work done on them, Carrot Top was not subtle with his makeover. His makeover, while it gives the illusion that the comedian is younger than he really is, completely changed his look.

Along with his buff physique, Carrot Top face looks plastic since it is super smooth from the injections and lifts. He may not look like the comedian that people liked in the 1990s anymore. But his new look does not affect his comedic genius.

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