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Catherine Deneuve Plastic Surgery, Before After Facelift & Botox

Catherine Deneuve Plastic Surgery

Catherine Deneuve Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

There may be a few places available for celebrities over 70 to be on screen, and Catherine Deneuve has one seat reserved. 72-year-old French actress has been in showbiz since 1957 and is still actively in it. She has several reasons that make her name to stay around. Beside her acting experience, off course, her youthful appearance is thing we can’t avoid to mention. Catherine Deneuve plastic surgery has been a long, hot issue following her.

You might have found some other 70s actresses who went crazy with plastic surgery resulting worse, unrecognizable faces. Catherine Deneuve is undoubtedly an exception. For some procedures, she got it perfect. What has she got?

Some plastic surgery experts mentioned procedures facelift, botox injection, fillers, in addition to possible necklift and eyelid surgery. Catherine Deneuve’s before and after surgery pictures help us to see result of those procedures.

Catherine Deneuve Facelift, Botox

Catherine Deneuve has youthful face that makes it hard to believe she is over 70. Considering her age, such a tight, fresh face skin is too youthful to be true. It would raise everyone’s eyebrows. If you can’t believe that her gene is playing role, then facelift and filler would sound more realistic.

Just like what Dr. Paul Nassif, a prominent American celebrity plastic surgeon said, facelift and some injections have been done.

“Catherine Deneuve may have had a facelift, facial fillers, and Botox. Overall, any work she had performed was not overdone, and she looks great,” as he told several years ago.

And without any doubt, she has certainly injected botox in perfect amount. Combined with facelift, this popular injection stops aging process on Catherine’s face. As a result, she appears half her age younger.

Catherine Deneuve Filler

Unlike facelift and botox that were mainly aimed to rejuvenate her skin, facial fillers come to maintain her face shape. Look at her cheek, and then remember her age. Her cheek appears as if it has anti-gravity ability. It doesn’t show some sagging or slack skin when other 70s women’s do.

Her plumping cheeks are simply believed coming from some facial fillers. Juvederm and Restylane are among most known dermal fillers that could have also been in Deneuve’s cheeks.

Catherine Deneuve Facelift

Catherine Deneuve Facelift, Botox, Filler Photo

Catherine Deneuve Eyelid Surgery

If you see some unnatural impression on Deneuve’s face it could be from her eyelid appearance. Her eyes area is where procedure eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) performed. Although she looks a bit unnatural with her new eye appearance but it doesn’t make things worse. Still she is fresh, youthful, and quite hard to believe.

Catherine Deneuve plastic surgery is really a good reference for anyone who is considering some rejuvenation via plastic surgeon’s knife. Doesn’t her result amaze you too?

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