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Catherine Zeta-Jones Plastic Surgery Before & After

We can’t miss Catherine Zeta-Jones’ name on celebrity plastic surgery list. Catherine Zeta-Jones plastic surgery is just as famous as some of her films. Wales-born actress is linked with plastic surgery due to her appearance changes. You might have heard it, that Zeta Jones is possibly having some procedures to enhance her physical appearance.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Plastic Surgery

Catherine Zeta-Jones Plastic Surgery Picture

Some rumors say that Catherine Zeta Jones plastic surgery involve several parts of her face and body. Some say that Catherine may have gotten lips augmentation, eyelid surgery and even face-lift. However those procedures are rather hard to prove.

Actress who played in films The Mask of Zorro and Entrapment doesn’t show clear signs of the mentioned procedures. But there are other procedures that significantly change her body, and her face. Those two are botox injection and boob job.

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Let’s take a look at Catherine Zeta-Jones before after pictures. We can’t deny that she looks fresh with her wrinkle-free face. It simply makes her to look younger than her real age. Zeta-Jones is 46 years old, and the allegedly botox helps her to stop the aging. However, she can’t hide unnatural look of her face. Catherine may have injected botox a bit too much. As a result, her face oftentimes appears unnaturally smooth.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Breast Implant

Catherine Zeta-Jones Breast Implant Before After Photo

Next big change found on her big boobs. Even if you see her before after picture from tens of meters away, you will see significant change on these assets of her. Catherine boobs didn’t that big before. But without any warning her boobs size drastically changed. Do you think natural exercise can give such big boobs? How about breast implants?

Yep, as many think, Catherine Zeta-Jones has enhanced her boobs with breast implants. It simply makes her boobs twice bigger and rounder than before. What do you say about her full D cup boobs?

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