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Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After

Chelsea Clinton has been somewhat of a public figure for years because of her father’s former presidency. Now that she is an adult in her late 30s, more and more scrutiny on both her appearance and her opinions are coming into play. While Bill Clinton had been in office, she had been in her teenage to young adult years, meaning she has changed significantly since the start of her father’s presidency. This means the public has access to photos from when she was young to compare to her looks now.

Because of this fact, many believe that Chelsea Clinton has undergone several plastic surgery treatments and more surface level changes that lend to her very changed appearance. As she aged and was more often in the public eye than before – especially as she had her teenage years documented – it isn’t unusual she underwent a few changes since that aren’t due to any type of surgery. Some professionals, however, have remarked about potential treatments she may have had over the years.

On the other hand, some believe that her new looks are due to her having followed a very strict exercise regimen and having eaten mostly vegetarian meals for many years now. This would make sense as to why people believe she has changed a lot because she is much slimmer and toned now than she used to be as a teenager. This could have great effects on her facial features, as they could also slim down some depending on the amount of weight lost over the years. She also likely uses much more makeup than she did as a 13-year-old, this is undoubtedly lending itself as to why Clinton looks so different to many now.

There are several ways people theorize her appearance could have changed, ranging from the removal of her braces to getting a nose job done. Let’s go into a few of the most popular theories about what plastic surgeries she has had done, as well as a few simple ways her appearance has changed over time.


Chelsea Clinton Nose Job

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Nose Job Picture

The most obvious change, as many more people experience these days, are the lack of braces and now straightened teeth. It isn’t uncommon to have braces put in as a way of having your teeth straighten out for many more people in recent years, so this isn’t very shocking.

However, her now straightened teeth in addition to her whitening her teeth can make her appearance or smile look different than it used to be.


Chelsea Clinton’s hair is naturally curly, as seen by the picture of her as a teenager. Now you can tell that she definitely straightens her hair to make her hair straight, sleek, and shiny. It is also possible she has dyed her hair, but some people’s hair fades from dark to light in their childhood, so it’s possible the same happened to her and her hair. In either case, changing up your hairstyle always makes you appear much different than what you looked like before, and this is no different in Chelsea’s case.

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Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Of course, as she is now an adult, she wears more makeup than she did as a teen, especially as an early teen. With the many types of contour, highlighting, and other such makeup available now, it’s possible Clinton has actually just applied light amounts of these types of makeup on her face to give her a changed look without any surgery being done.

Even if she isn’t doing this, it is likely to throw people off when comparing photos because of how makeup makes a person look different from how they would without makeup, as it covers up blemishes, marks, and evens up your skin tone.

Nose Job

Rumors of Chelsea Clinton getting a nose job are probably the most rampant out of all of the rumors and theories being spread. This is because, when compared to her childhood photos, her nose looks like it used to have a bigger bridge. Because of her current nose looking much thinner, many can only believe that she has had rhinoplasty done, potentially to make her face look more attractive or to get rid of the big nose she felt she had.

Manhattan-based plastic surgeon Dr. Walden commented on potential cosmetic surgical procedures she could have had done, and noted rhinoplasty as one of them. She said that it looks like it was a very conservative nose job that removed the bump from the bridge of her nose, slimmed her nasal bones done somewhat, and refined the tip to make it look less bulbous or droopy.

But there are those, even other plastic surgeons, who don’t have any faith in this rumor. These people believe that her changes in appearances are from her years of regimenting her diet, exercise, and keeping her skin clean and teeth white. Dr. DeCena, a surgeon in Long Island City, believes that it is ridiculous to compare photos of Clinton’s childhood to now and see a difference in her nose. She commented that the only changes she could see was her much clearer skin and her whiter teeth.

With this decide from onlookers and plastic surgeons, it is very hard to be able to truly tell if she has had any work done on her nose. What do you think? Do you see a difference between the young teenage Chelsea Clinton compared to her today that isn’t a simple physical change?

Chin Implant

There are some who have noticed that her chin looks different when compared to her chin as a teenager. It doesn’t look significantly different, but it looks different enough to cause some to question is. This leads some to believe that she may have had a chin implant or another similar procedure done.

The difference some not is that her chin used to look wider and bigger when she was a teenager. Because of this, they think that she had a chin implant or some other form of surgery done in order to make her chin just a bit smaller and to match up a little better with her face. Dr. Walden believes she may have had a chin augmentation done to simple help her chin look more proportionate to her face and to give her a stronger jawline than she had before.

This is one much harder to see, so while the rumors still circulate, there is still a lot of discussion about whether she really has gotten chin surgery or not. However, she has not made any comments regarding any type of plastic surgery before, so we likely won’t get an answer about whether she did or not.

Lip Filler

Some believe that Chelsea Clinton may have also gotten a lip filler done. This isn’t because she wanted bigger lips, like some other actresses or celebrities have done. Actually, people believe that she had gotten lip fillers done because they think that would be the reason why her “gummy” smile is gone.

A gummy smile happens when your upper lip stretches up so high that it exposes a section of your gums. This can happen if you have a short upper lip, small teeth, or for another genetic reason. Once you hear that, you can understand why someone would want to get lip fillers done. It can, for some, detract from their smile if they have a large portion of their gums showing.

In Clinton’s case, it’s likely that she has gotten some soft tissue fillers in her upper lip to help make her upper lip big enough to cover up the majority of her gums. Even without the lip fillers – or if she even has any lip fillers currently – she has a very nice smile that doesn’t look overdone by large lips. I think we can agree that, even if she has had fillers done, it is not very obvious and only changes her smile’s appearance.


There are some that think she has also had some Botox injections done because of how smooth her face is. This, however, is more often attributed to her dietary habits and exercise rather than a plastic surgery having been done. In time, we can likely see better results if she has had Botox done or not by how long her face remains smooth. As of right now, however, she is only approaching her 40s, not yet the age when wrinkles start to become more deep-set into one’s face.

What Do You Think?

After having her awkward teenage years – which everyone must suffer through – documented through news reports, I think we can agree that her looks have improved over the years. If she has had some type of surgical treatments done on her face, her face still looks natural and authentic. If the rumors are true, she has been very conservative about what she has had done and has a great plastic surgeon.

So, after comparing pictures of Chelsea Clinton from her young teenage years and current day images, do you think Chelsea Clinton has had work done on her face? Do you think she has gotten any other types of procedures done over the years, or do you think she just got the ones listed in this article?

In fact, do you think she has gotten any surgical work done on her face or do you think it is all natural, with only the makeup and hairstyle changing her appearance?

Let us know in the comments below!


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