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Cheryl Tiegs Plastic Surgery, Before and After

Cheryl Tiegs Plastic Surgery

Cheryl Tiegs Before and After Plastic Surgery

Cheryl Tiegs slowly changed her natural face with unnatural one. American supermodel who has started her career since her young age was one of classic beauties. But as we all can see, Cheryl has lost her naturally beautiful face. Cheryl Tiegs plastic surgery is thing we should blame.

Cheryl Tiegs reportedly had plastic surgery on many parts of her face and body. Her addiction to plastic surgery can be seen from numerous procedures she has taken. Facelift, botox, nose job, lips job, cheek implant and breast implant are among known procedures.

It is easy task to see traces of those procedures. Before and After pictures of Tiegs clearly show drastic, significant change. Aging, however, could be main reason over her plastic surgery decision. Cheryl Rae Tiegs was born on September, 25 1947. Tiegs is 68 years old. That’s why she needs effective methods to fight against aging signs.

Facelift combined with Botox is one of the most popular ways taken by celebrities in their effort to stop age. Cheryl Tiegs took it too. Considering Cheryl Tiegs age, we may not blame her for taking facelift and botox. However, result of the popular combo would disappoint many of us.

The procedures have been performed too far. We couldn’t deny if Cheryl Tiegs now looks younger than her age, but we couldn’t also deny that overdone facelift and botox create unnatural face. Botox may erase wrinkles and frown, but it also erases natural face profile of her. Facelift pulls her face overly, takes part in changing appearance of her cheek and eyes.

For her cheek, beside affected by the facelift, its change is mainly caused by implant in it. We all know that sagging skin on cheek, eyes area and neck is a normal and common thing as we get older. But Cheryl Tiegs didn’t allow it on her face. She took implants to add volume to her cheeks.

Volume addition is also added to her lips. Her lips, both upper and lower, are where lips injection is performed. Fuller, bigger lips of her are hard to hide. Cheryl Tiegs’ comparison photo can help us to see it. She used to have thinner ones – a different shape with Cheryl Tiegs’ today.

Cheryl Tiegs Boob Job

Cheryl Tiegs Boob Job, The and Now Picture

Bigger-than-before also occurs on her boobs. Model who has appeared on many popular magazine covers won’t lose her sexiness. Cheryl Tiegs has enhanced her boobs via breast implants. Breast enhancement simply changed her boobs size and shape.

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With the help of plastic surgeon Cheryl seems more confident in welcoming her 70s. Do you think Cheryl Tiegs plastic surgery helps her?

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