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Christa Miller : Before and After Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a sensitive subject to many celebrities, as many obviously do not want to admit that they’ve had work done. I mean, who would? Plastic surgery along with any other form of body modification is talked about as if, to be famous, you need to have it done; being attractive is the top priority.

Christa Miller, an actress known for various comedy shows, is seen by many as being too fake looking. She has been rumored to have undergone many plastic surgeries, though she denies them ever having occurred. Professionals, however, disagree with her claims of not having had work done. She is one of many, many stars that had various implants, injections, or modifications done to themselves.

Why Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery may seem necessary to maintain a youth-like beauty, but it can actually come off as being too fake. Many celebrities have ended up looking “too plastic” after having the surgeries done. However, there is still the fierce idea of female celebrities needing to keep their youthful looking skin or to have more precise features. Plastic surgery is usually a problem with older female celebrities so that they can maintain their appearances and avoid the aging process.

It is awful but true how many horrible outcomes could occur if the surgery went wrong. So, considering that many still find Christa very pretty is good.

Who Is Christa Miller?

Christa Miller is an American actress that was born on May 28, 1964, in Manhattan, New York. She is now 52, but, at first glance, she would appear a fair bit younger. This young appearance and smooth skin is seen as being evidence to possibly having had plastic surgeries done to alter her appearance.

She got married to Bill Lawrence in 1999, and the couple had three children; William Stoddard Lawrence, Henry Vanduzer Lawrence, Charlotte Sarah Lawrence. The last two pregnancies were actually written into the script of Scrubs to help her continue acting in it.

Before she was an actress, she was a child model and was featured in a Wonder Bread commercial. She was in various advertisements as a child model before having a surgery that ended her child career. Later she returned to modeling, but realized that she would rather take acting classes. In 1990 she then moved to Los Angeles, California, where she was a cover model for Maxim.

What Has She Been in?

She is well known for her roles in various television comedies, but specifically for her roles on The Drew Carey Show and Scrubs. On The Drew Carey Show she played Kate O’Brien, whom is a very hotheaded childhood friend to the main character, Drew. On Scrubs

She has been in a total of seven movies, from the years 1992 to 2015. Some of the movies she was in are Stepfather III, The Operator, and Hot Air. Her first two films were both made for television.

She has played a total of thirteen roles in television shows, spanning the years of 1985 to 2015. It has been said that her role in Seinfeld, Paula in the episode “The Doodle”, is what sparked her love for performing in comedy shows.

Christa even made a guest appearance on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, on the “Who’s the Boss” episode, in 1994. The latest show that she has been in on 2015, on the show Undateable as Ally/Jackie for a total of three episodes.

The role that got her nominated for a Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress in 2003-2004, was her recurring role as Jordan Sullivan on Scrubs. It is one of her most known roles as she spent nine years on the show, spanning 89 episodes.

What Has She Had Done?

The surgeries that she has done, based on examining photographs, involve having Botox injections, rhinoplasty (nose job), breast implants, and lip and cheek fillers.

Her face remains fairly wrinkleless, despite age, and her nose is considerably different in newer photos. It is even obvious that her cheeks are higher in more recent pictures. It has even been stated that her breasts appear to be larger than they were before, or at least perkier. These differences are hard to explain by anything other than plastic surgery.

Christa has remained a very pretty actress, despite being in her 50’s, with her very youthful complexion. Many people do not agree with that though, as she can appear to be very fake like other actors and actresses that have work done on them.

Were the surgeries needed? That is hard to decide, but she was definitely already attractive and there is a risk that is involved in the process. Like any surgery, there can be negative outcomes or side effects that are unwanted. So, the more surgeries she has the larger the risk is.

Will The Truth Ever Come Out?

Christa Miller was forced to speak out about the rumors that were rapidly appearing, and refused ever having any work done to modify her body. However, there have been professional plastic surgeons that have made claims of her definitely having had plastic surgery. They still cannot prove it though, and it will be almost impossible to truly know until she comes out to publically admit it. So, who knows when and if the truth about the surgeries will ever come out, but there is plenty of convincing evidence in the form of before and after photos of Christa Miller.

She is a very beautiful actress, but the opinions of her possible plastic surgeries are very mixed; some adore her and her youthful glow, while others believe that she looks too fake or too plastic. The rumors as well as the opinions grow stronger, but it is all gossip from unsure people or guesses from experts in plastic surgeries.

Plastic surgery is a very common event in Hollywood recently, as it has become easier to undergo the surgeries. The need for such surgeries is spread throughout the community of famous women, as appearances are very important. Christa Miller, while refusing to admit any of the surgeries, appears to be one of the women that went for it to maintain her beauty. Looking at the various before and after photos available on the internet can help emphasize the physical, and very prominent, evidence.

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