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Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

Although she herself doesn’t clearly admit it but signs of Christina Aguilera plastic surgery is clear enough. With some drastic changes on face and body, it does make sense if many people believe that Aguilera has had work done.

Actually plastic surgery reports have followed Christina since a few years ago. To date, Aguilera keeps showing physical change. Her changes are unusual, certainly not kind of natural change caused by aging.

Christina Aguilerais is linked with several plastic surgery procedures. Procedures such as cheek implants, nose job, chin implant and boob job are allegedly done by Aguilera. By examining Before and After pictures of Christina Aguilera we can see the results of those clearly.

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Some of her face features change significantly. Take a look at her cheek and chin. These two parts are showing unusual alteration. Christina can’t hide her plump cheeks. Hers today are different with hers before. She had had natural ones. Cheek implants may cause that. Implants may have also been in her chin. It simply makes her chin to appear more protruding.

How about her nose? Did Christina Aguilera have plastic surgery there? Well, Christina Aguilera plastic surgery invited experts to commenting. As cited from an American plastic surgeon Dr. Lyle M. Back may help us to see the truth.

“She’s had another re-do rhinoplasty, but this was done very well. Cartilage grafts were used to rebuild, support and fill out her nose quite artistically. Her previous nasal surgery was way overdone and her nose was nearly whittled away.”

As expert predicted, Christina Aguilera has done several nose jobs (rhinoplasty). It’s common if patient wants further surgeries, it’s usually aimed to revise previous surgery result.

Christina Aguilera Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Christina Aguilera Boob Job Before and After Photo

Another major change we can’t miss is from Christina boob job. Drastic boobs change of Aguilera is hard to be said coming from natural exercise. You don’t think that push-up bra is the secret, do you? As many think, Christina Aguilera has breast implants in it.

Aguilera’s chest looks far different compared to it before. Her cup is 34DD. Do you think she is sexier with her new big boobs? Or do you have another mind, thinking her boobs are real?

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