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Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Christina Ricci Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After Picture

It’s easy to find Christina Ricci plastic surgery reports on the internet. Her changing look makes people believe that she has had work done. Some plastic surgery experts also think the same. As many believe, there are at least two procedures related to Ricci’s plastic surgery.

Most people are agreeing the possibility of nose job and boob job on her. Well, let’s talk about her nose first. While we can see nose differences in her Before and After plastic surgery picture easily, an American plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Salzhauer gave more clue.

“Christina Ricci does appear to have had a Rhinoplasty defining the tip and angle of her nose.  It looks great and very natural.  I think it has given her a more sophisticated look to her face,” doctor told a few years ago.

From expert’s words we can say that Christina Ricci has got good nose job. She took the procedure wisely. It’s good for her because some other celebrities went crazy with Rhinoplasty (nose surgery). Bad nose job has ruined noses of, say names Ally Walker and Janet Jackson.

Back to Christina Ricci plastic surgery, we couldn’t avoid from discussing her boob job. It seems that Christina Ricci boobs have attracted many eyes. Size change of her breasts created breast augmentation and breast reduction issue.

We can see her Before and After picture to see result of the alleged procedures. It’s clear that Christina Ricci used to have far smaller boobs on her chest. You might think that weight gain is reason behind that change. But as you might have thought too that many believe breast implants have taken place there.

Christina Ricci Breast Implants

Christina Ricci Boob Job Before After Photo

The alleged breast implants changed her boobs significantly. Not only became bigger, her saggy breasts have also been transformed into tighter, rounder ones. Actress who took part in drama Grey’s Anatomy simply looked sexier with her new boobs.

However, after years embracing big implants, Ricci then appeared with smaller boobs. Christina Ricci breast reduction is widely reported on many sites. But unlike boobs reduction on Scarlett Johansson and Victoria Beckham, Christina Ricci breast reduction didn’t leave significant change. At least we still see that her boobs are sexy enough. Unfortunately, Ricci is not too open about her boob job. So, you can simply tell your own comments about Christina Ricci  surgery.

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