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Ciara Plastic Surgery Nose and Boob Job Before After

Ciara Plastic Surgery

Ciara Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Report about Ciara plastic surgery grabs people’s attention. 30-year-old American singer is under suspicion of having beauty enhancement via plastic surgery. As many media widely report that Ciara may have had several procedures. There are two most possible; nose job and boob job.

You have just seen Ciara Before and After plastic surgery picture above. Do you see changes on her nose? Well, actually it’s an easy task to see differences between her Before and After picture. First, as many believe that Ciara has changed her nose. We can see it that her nose is clearly different in the comparison photo.

Ciara before the nose job had bulbous nose with bump took place on the nose tip. Her nose simply appeared flatter. Thanks to Rhinoplasty, Ciara has a new better nose today. The After picture of her shows slimmer nose bridge and narrower ala (nose wing). Nose surgery on nose cardilage makes her nose to appear more pointed. The alleged nose job has been performed well. It makes Ciara prettier, doesn’t it?

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Second procedure that left clear footprint is the boob job. As you can tell from her Before and After plastic surgery picture, her boobs dramatically changed. Change on Ciara’s breasts are significant. She had flatter chest with smaller bobbs on it. Before the boob job issue arose we couldn’t see something significant around her chest area.

Ciara Boob Job

Ciara Before and After Boob Job Photo

Well, Ciara plastic surgery seems to have been performed in a good way. Breast enhancement, possibly via breast implants has changed her boobs both in its size and shape. We couldn’t deny that her bigger breasts add sexy look to her appearance.

There is no clear statement from her related plastic surgery. But many do believe that changes on Ciara are highly possible caused by plastic surgeon’s knife. Well, we should add Ciara to good celebrity plastic surgery list then.

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