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Claire Forlani Plastic Surgery Before and After

English actress Claire Forlani has her own plastic surgery issue. Her face appearance invites people to discuss about it. Claire Forlani couldn’t hide unnatural face expression of her. She looks slightly different if compared with her in few few years earlier.

Claire Forlani Plastic Surgery

Claire Forlani Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Unnatural impression mainly shown by her tight skin. Take a look at Claire Forlani before and after pictures. Young photos of her show different face skin. She had had more natural face when she was younger. And here it goes, as some believe that Claire Forlani may have had facelift.

This procedure is considered as the cause of her unnatural face. However, like many other celebrities, Claire Forlani is also possibly combining her face-lift with Botox injection. Combination of facelift and botox is popular among celebrities in their efforts to stay young.

But sadly, Claire Forlani seems to getting it a little bit too much. Facelift has pulled her face in a bad way. Botox may erase wrinkles and frown on her face, but it also makes her to look more different. Overdone Botox, in other way, adds the frozen and stiff face look.

It seems that Claire Forlani gets both advantage and disadvantage of plastic surgery. However, we would all agree that she appears younger than her age. How old is Claire Forlani? Claire Forlani age is at number 43. Doesn’t she look younger than that?

Many people out there are also considering the possibility of jaw implants or jaw surgery on Claire Forlani. However, this jaw surgery is not as obvious as her face-lift or botox. It’s even hard to decide whether or not she has jaw surgery. Claire Forlani has had wide and firm jaw shape since her younger days.

Claire Forlani facelift, Boob Job

Claire Forlani Before and After Boob Job Photo

Compared to jaw surgery, boob job is even more obvious. By examining her before and after pictures, we can see significant change on her boobs. It’s clear that Claire Forlani had smaller boobs with flatter chest before.

And drastic change shown in the After picture. She has big and rounder ones. On many celebrities, such drastic change is caused by breast implants. So, does she have it, too?

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