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Conan O’Brien Plastic Surgery

Among American television hosts, Conan O’Brien plastic surgery is one of the most famous. Host of talk show Conan is rumored of having some plastic surgeries on his face. There is no clear statement from him. But as some people guess, Conan O’Brien may have had work done.

Conan O'Brien Plastic Surgery

Conan O’Brien Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Facelift and botox are the most possible procedures of Conan O’Brien plastic surgery. We can see significant change on his face. Sadly, what he got is not good one. Conan O’Brien appears with unnatural face skin and expression.

Facelift has overly pulled O’Briens’ face. Conan O’Brien before and after surgery pictures show clear fact. That his face is so tight compared with his when he was younger.

Botox makes things worse. He looks like to take it too much. Botox injection performed by his doctor has made his stiff. It’s true that his face wrinkle-free due to botox injection, but his face looks so frozen. Conan O’Brien looks like he’s wearing a wax mask wherever he goes.

One other procedure linked with Conan O’Brien is eyelift. The eye-lift rumor spread since people noticed Conan O’Brien eyes look change. If compared to his eyes appearance before, Conan O’Brien now has much different eyes look. It’s unnatural and weird. Eyelift, or even eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is procedures he may take.

Overall, we can say that Conan O’Brien plastic surgery is working well. Rather than makes Conan O’Brien looks better, plastic surgery is a few steps closer botching his face.


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