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Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery

Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Courteney Cox plastic surgery makes herself look different. It would be hard to deny that American actress who gained fame after starred sitcom Friends has had beauty enhancement via surgeon’s knife. Courteney face appearance looks so unnatural. Cox is linked with several plastic surgery procedures.

It’s widely reported that Courteney Cox has had work done on her lips, cheek, and eyes area as addition to Botox and possible facelift. Many believe that these procedures are the cause over Courteney face change. And bad part of Courteney plastic surgery is that she took it a bit too much. The alleged procedures changed her face in a bad way.

We can see overdone plastic surgery on her face profile clearly. Courteney Cox before and after plastic surgery pictures capture it. Her comparison photos show big differences. Cox used to have far beautiful face. You may know it better, she was naturally beautiful in her 90s film.

And we must face this, her natural beauty dramatically changes. As plastic surgery experts believe that Courteney Cox has undergone surgery at least on her eyes. Experts pointed out to her eyelids that appear as if those have been reshaped. Eyelift and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) are possible procedures to explain her recent eyes appearance. Experts also believe that blepharoplasty has been performed on her upper and lower eyelids.

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Beside lifting on her eyes, Cox also lifted her cheek. But this time using implants. It is strongly believed that her plumping cheeks are caused by cheek implant. It is why her cheek volume is increasing, it is fatter than before. Although such a cheek change could come from weight gain but you won’t hear it from plastic surgery experts explanation.

Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Picture

Courteney Cox Before and After Photo

Volume addition also occurs on her lips. Courteney Cox pictures show it, again. Her lips are fuller than before. Her lips look unnaturally bigger. Some might say that she looks sexier with it and some certainly have different view. Courteney Cox lost her natural smile.

Her lips appearance make herself to be linked with lips augmentation procedure. Courteney may have undergone lips injection. Some fillers such as Restylane and  Juvederm could have been there.

She doesn’t seem to be having good luck. Plastic surgery doesn’t enhance her beauty. However, Courteney Cox is not too open about her plastic surgery. It’s either she regrets it or she is too happy with it. Share your comment about Courteney Cox plastic surgery below.

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