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Cynthia Watros Plastic Surgery

Cynthia Watros plastic surgery has changed her own face appearance significantly. Watros looks different if compared with her in few years ago. Plastic surgery makes Cynthia Watros to stay younger, and much more unnatural at the same time.

Cynthia Watros Facelift

Cynthia Watros Facelift Before and After Picture

Cynthia Watros plastic surgery has become subject of debate among her fans and public. Cynthia Watros face appearance is the main cause. Watros couldn’t hide her face change. As many people guess, it is highly possible that Cynthia Watros has plastic surgery.

So, what does she have? Facelift, Botox and eyelid surgery are the associated procedures with Cynthia Watros plastic surgery. Unfortunately, plastic surgery doesn’t seem to give its best benefit to her.

Facelift and Botox is great combination in regaining the youthfulness of someone’s face. Many celebrities are also taking the same combo. However, as some celebrities show, the overdone plastic surgery will bring disaster.

Cynthia Watros seems to getting closer with that disaster. Facelift makes her face too tight. Her forehead is like pulled in a bad way. Her plastic surgeon may have performed the face-lift a little bit too excessive.

Facelift is also often linked with other procedures. Botox, chin implants and eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) are among known complement procedures to get the best result of facelift.

Cynthia Watros Plastic Surgery

Cynthia Watros Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

In Cynthia Watros case, she may have added at least botox and eyelid surgery. Botox is a double-edged sword for her. She may appear younger with the help of Botox. But botox, on the other hand, has also made her to look much more unnatural.

Her face looks frozen and stiff. She even looks like unable to show her natural expression. 48-year-old American actress must find another way to bring back her natural face.

Many are considered that Cynthia Watros plastic surgery is one examples of botched celebrity plastic surgery. Many people seem to be losing their interests due to Cynthia Watros plastic surgery result. How about you?

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