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Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox Pictures

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Are you also thinking that Demi Moore looks amazingly younger than she should? We would agree that her appearance, especially her face is too youthful for her age. 53-year-old actress must have undergone some enhancement there. Well, even some plastic surgery experts suggested that Demi Moore plastic surgery is the secret.

Has Demi Moore had plastic surgery? Although she is not too open about it, Moore plastic surgery is hard to deny. As some experts believed, Ashton Kutcher’s ex-wife has had some works done to her face.

By examining Demi Moore before and after plastic surgery pictures you would also say procedures Botox, filler injection, and cheek implants as addition to possible mini facelift. These have been performed on her.

Facelift and botox are effective ways to fight against aging signs and Demi Moore knew it. We can see result of the combo clearly in the comparison photos easily. No wrinkles, crow’s feet or other aging lines exist. More importantly, Moore has tight, youthful face skin. She appears as if she stops aging.

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Picture

Demi Moore Plastic Surgery Botox, Fillers Photo

Beside injected Botox to reduce wrinkles, her surgeon also shot fillers to her cheeks and lips. It seems that Demi won’t let saggy skin part of her face. Dermal fillers are good choices to maintain her cheek shape. It’s said that implant is filing her cheeks and her chin. Unfortunately, Demi Moore often shows unnaturally bigger cheeks. She may have gotten fillers abit too much.

Better injection is shown on her lips. Collagen or some other lip filler types has taken place in both upper and lower lips of Moore. Although some of us would say it is not good enough at least she doesn’t have trout pout lips.

Plastic surgery has certainly given benefit to her. She may appear more unnatural (and more looks like Courteney Cox) after her beauty enhancement procedures but we can’t say Demi Moore plastic surgery is bad. In fact, she appears 10,15 years younger than her actual age. Do you agree?

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