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Denise Richards Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

It is easy to find Before and After pictures of Denise Richards on the internet. And yes, Denise Richards has had plastic surgery done. There are two procedures as part of Denise Richards plastic surgery. Botox injection is the main cause that changes her face appearance and boob job has become her way to resize her breasts.

Result of botox is clear enough on Denise’s face. She can’t hide her stiff, frozen face skin. Her face also looks unnaturally smooth. Recent condition of her face is different with it in the past. Denise was naturally beautiful with her former face appearance.

It is highly possible that Denise Richards has injected the Botox too much. She may also inject the Botox repeatedly. Overdone Botox has never created good story. And it is a bad story that she doesn’t look aging naturally with such an unnatural face.

Boob job is another important procedure from Denise Richards plastic surgery. This procedure changed her boobs appearance significantly. We all can see that her boobs are simply bigger and fuller than before.

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Actress who played Dr. Christmas Jones in the James Bond The World Is Not Enough (1999) has taken the breast augmentation procedure since her younger age. And we can still see result of the procedure to date easily.

Denise Richards must be proud of her boob job result. She is sexier with her new boobs. Her chest catches our eyes, doesn’t it? If she has taken the Botox wisely she would appear more attractive with her curvaceous body.

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