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Elisha Cuthbert Plastic Surgery Before and After

Elisha Cuthbert Plastic Surgery

Elisha Cuthbert Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

A sexy Canadian actress and model, Elisha Cuthbert has her own plastic surgery issue. With some changes on her face and body, Elisha Cuthbert plastic surgery issue is can’t be avoided. Recent appearance of Cuthbert is linked with some plastic surgery procedures. On her face, she is rumored with Botox injection, while on her body breast augmentation is procedure she may have. By the way, did we miss the rumor of Elisha Cuthbert nose job?

Let’s examine Elisha Cuthbert Before and After plastic surgery pictures. We can see that her face is more unnatural today.  It looks stiffer than before. She appears as if she can’t show her natural profile. Actress who portrayed Danielle in The Girl Next Door and Carly Jones in House of Wax (2005) makes the Botox issue possible.

Elisha Cuthbert was naturally beautiful before the alleged Botox. Luckily, she doesn’t take it too much. Although she appears more unnatural with her recent face skin but it is tolerable, isn’t it?

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Another slight change, on her nose, simply sparked nose job issue. Many people see that her nose change came from nose surgeon’s knife. Considering subtle result on her nose, it’s said that Elisha Cuthbert may have undergone minor nose job (Rhinoplasty).

Elisha Cuthbert Boobs Job

Elisha Cuthbert Before and After Photo

If two procedures on her face left small change, then it’s different with what happened on her boobs. Boob job changed her ‘asset’ significantly. Many guess that breast augmentation via breast implants is the cause. The implants, as it were intended simply made her boobs to appear bigger and fuller.

If breast implants are really there, she must have taken proper size. Her boobs look match her body shape well. And as we can tell from her Before After photo, Elisha Cuthbert looks sexier with her new 34C bra size. Do you agree with that? Share your thought.

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