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Eliza Dushku Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After

Eliza Dushku Nose Job

Eliza Dushku Nose Job Before and After Photo

Eliza Dushku can’t hide from plastic surgery issue. 35-year-old American actress is widely rumored with beauty enhancement via surgeon’s knife. You might have heard it, Eliza Dushku plastic surgery is mainly on her nose. As people believe, Dushku has had work done on her nose due to significant change on it.

Yep, plastic surgery of nose job is the most possible procedure she underwent. Even if she denies it, result of nose surgeon work is clear. You have just seen Eliza Dushku Before and After plastic surgery picture, and as you might have seen that her nose is reshaped.

It’s clear that Eliza used to have bulbous nose. Bump on her nose is too obvious in her Before photo. It made her nose to look flatter. Thanks to plastic surgery her nose is changed. It seems that nose surgeon has performed good Rhinoplasty (nose job). Eliza Dushku has her nose reshaped especially on part where it should get the work; nose tip.

As we can see, her nose is narrower than it was. The absence of her nose bump changes the way she look. The nose tip change influences the nostril. Her nostril is certainly different with it in the past.

Eliza Dushku plastic surgery is not only grabbing fans’ attention but also plastic surgery experts’. Some plastic surgeons suggested the truth of Eliza Dushku nose job. An American plastic surgeon Dr. Walden told a few years ago that American actress who portrayed Faith in the film Buffy the Vampire Slayer even may have had other procedures.

Eliza Dushku Plastic Surgery

Eliza Dushku Plastic Surgery Before & After Picture

Eliza Dushku looks as if she may have had a rhinoplasty given the slight variation in the bridge and base of her nose as compared to previous pictures. The fullness of her face seems likely a result of her expression and weight fluctuation though it could be attributed to cheek implants or fillers.”

The statement is clear enough. There are some other procedures that change Eliza Dushku face features. Some fillers may have been injected in her face. However, it seems that Eliza Dushku didn’t go crazy with those procedures. Dushku looks okay with (alleged) plastic surgery on her, doesn’t she?

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