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Elizabeth Berkley Plastic Surgery

Elizabeth Berkley has been surrounded with plastic surgery reports since about 2009. Until now, Elizabeth Berkley plastic surgery news still widely spreads. American actress who is known for her role in TV series Saved by the Bell is rumored to get some beauty enhancement via surgeon’s knife.

Elizabeth Berkley Plastic Surgery

Elizabeth Berkley Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

No surprise, Elizabeth shows dramatically changes throughout the years. As a result, Berkley looks far different if compared to her before. There are some procedures she allegedly has. Some plastic surgery experts told the possibility of browlift, botox, nose job and breast augmentation.

“Elizabeth Berkley is beautiful woman and is aging very well. It is possible that she is using Botox and micro-dermabrasion to keep her face looking so good. It is also possible the she underwent Breast Augmentation Surgery based on her before and after photographs,” American plastic surgeon Dr. Sherrell Aston told a few years ago.

It’s easy to see plastic surgery results on Elizabeth Berkley’s face and body. We can see Berkley’s Before and After surgery pictures as references. On her face, both surgical procedures and filler injections have made significant change.

Her brow-lift has successfully changed her old brow shape. Nose job just does the same good work. Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) transforms her nose into smaller one. Bump has disappeared from Elizabeth’s nose. Wide nose bridge and flat nose tip have changed, too. Her nose specialist heightened the nose tip and nose bridge.

Unfortunately, Elizabeth Berkley seemed to take fillers a bit too much. Botox and dermal fillers make her face to appear stiffer. She often appears with wax-like face.

Elizabeth Berkley Breast Augmentation

Elizabeth Berkley Breast Augmentation Before After Photo

One other result that is easy to see is also happening on her chest. Yep, it is breast augmentation. As many people think, that Elizabeth Berkley has had work done for her bigger and fuller boobs. Her breasts are different with hers before.

However, unlike other actresses who take big implants, Berkley doesn’t seem to take breast enhancement overly. Her boobs still look natural and suit her body well. Do you agree?

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