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Ellen Barkin Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Ellen Barkin Plastic Surgery

Ellen Barkin Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Plastic surgery has become a type of cliché in the world of Hollywood. A lot of celebrities feel the need to keep their appearance looking young and appealing. Females are usually the ones that feel the need to do this. A lot of female celebrities have anything done from a minor surgery, like a nose job, to complete boob jobs or implants.

Now, while it may be popular and a recurring thing with celebrities, not all of them admit that they have had work done. It can actually be quite hard to find out the truth. Some simply deny the rumors while others decide not to speak out about it at all.

One of the celebrities that has had various treatments done to her is Ellen Barkin, an actress as well as a film producer. Looking at before and after photos can clearly show that she has, indeed, had more than one procedure done. It is interesting as she did not have an openly high opinion of plastic surgery a few years prior to her having anything done.

Who Exactly Is Ellen Barkin?

Ellen Barkin was born in New York on April 16, 1954; making her 63 years old. She is an actress and has also produced some films and TV shows or episodes. She won a couple awards for her acting in various TV shows and made for TV movies, which I will list soon. She has also been featured in shows and interviews as herself, making it a whopping 40 credits on her IMDB just for being herself.

Barkin is a mother of two; she has a son named Jack who was born in 1989 and a daughter named Romy that was born in 1992. Both of the kids are from her first marriage, making their father Gabriel Byrne. Barkin and Byrne had gotten married in September 1988 and got divorced in 1999, meaning it lasted 11 years.

Shortly after her divorce, Barkin got remarried to a man named Ronald O. Perelman in 2000, but that ended in divorce as well. Her and Ronald had no children during their six year marriage, from 2000 to 2006. Ronald is an owner of the Revlon company, so it makes sense why she married him. She has not remarried since.

Her acting career started with a couple uncredited roles in 1978 and 1981. The first credited role she had was as Chris Capoletti in the TV movie “We’re Fighting Back” that was made in 1981. After that her career seemed to flourish with a couple parts every year. Even today, she still acts in TV shows and TV movies. Overall she has had about 65 acting roles from 1978 to 2017.

She was not just an actress, and decided to start producing in 2010 with the movie “Letters to Juliet”. She is credited for three producing roles, one of which was also for a movie that she had acted in; “Shit Year” in 2010. Oh, fun fact, Barkin also a short Broadway career that started in 2011 with her role in “The Normal Heart”.


  • 1988 – Sant Jordi for best foreign actress in “The Big Easy” (1986) and “Desert Bloom” (1986)

  • 1997 – Blockbuster Entertainment Award for favorite supporting actress in “The Fan” (1996)

  • 1998 – Primetime Emmy for best actress in a supporting role in “Before Women had Wings” (1997)

  • 1998 – Golden Satellite Award for best actress in a supporting role in “Before Women had Wings” (1997)

  • She has also been nominated for a various amount of other awards throughout her career.


What Has She Had Done?

When you look at photos from Ellen Barkin in her younger days and compare them to now, it is quite obvious that she has had a fair amount of work done. Her skin seems tighter, her lips appear a lot larger and fuller, her nose is a different shape, and her boobs are significantly larger and higher.

Ellen Barkin Plastic Surgery Boob Job

Ellen Barkin Plastic Surgery Boob Job Photo

Botox – Botox is a very common procedure. It is relatively easy and is heard of frequently among stars, but it can go wrong very quickly. Ellen Barkin has had some Botox in her face, as her skin appears tighter. Her forehead seems stiff and it is clear that she had too many injections or went to a surgeon that did not do the best job.

The problem with face injections is that it can cause stiffness and a lack of emotion or movement. It may tighten the skin, but that is not always good. Too tight is an issue and can cause a person to look fake or plastic. Her eyelids even seemed to be changed, but we’re not too sure about that one. It could just be a side effect or an issue with her facial Botox.

Lip Treatments – To help aid her facial changes, it seems like Ellen decided to also have some lip injections done. In photos of her before she did appear to have small lips. Her lips were a little on the thin side, but now they appear to be very, very plump; possibly too plump. It makes her facial features and appearance seem a little fake. Perhaps the same surgeon just put too many injections into her lips?

Rhinoplasty – Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is another bit of plastic surgery that is actually quite common. A lot of celebrities are unhappy with their noses and wish for a small and thinly shaped one. Ellen is another one of them, as her nose appears to be very oddly shaped. It seems like one problematic surgery after another, and I feel awful saying that.

Her nose is not just thinner; it also has an odd bump in the middle that is unexplained. It could be from a nose job gone bad. In photos of her when she was younger her nose was very obviously bump less so something had to have happened.

Breast Augmentation – While some choose to get their breasts reduced due to overwhelming stress on their spine and a horrible amount of back pain, others choose to get their breasts enlarged. Breast augmentation is a very common procedure, though it is a lot harder and, obviously, more noticeable. Augmentation means to make larger, so the boobs are enlarged with implants. Some people choose to go a lot bigger, to the point that it looks fake, while others just want to have slightly bigger boobs. It can also go very wrong very quickly if the surgeon does not know what he is doing. Breast implants can pop and move out of place, making them somewhat dangerous.

Ellen decided to go for slightly bigger boobs, so they do look fake in some photos. They are abnormally large compared to what they used to be. Her cleavage is extremely noticeable and they appear to be around a D cup, or something similar. The change was quite drastic, so you can tell that they are implants, but they do appear to make her more confident in some photos.

What Does She Say About Plastic Surgery and Her Procedures?

While I could not find anything Ellen had said about her own procedures, I did find an interesting thing she had said about plastic surgery in general. The actress had once stated that she doesn’t “like the way it makes people look” and that it “keeps you from able to have expressions” in an article she took part in for Oprah, sharing her secrets about staying young. The article was from 2007 and it has since become clear that she has changed her mind about the procedures, since she has had some done herself.

It is fine for someone to change their mind, but it is interesting that she would change it so soon after stating her aging secrets for Oprah. Maybe she did not want people to know about the possibility of her getting work done. She did express a slight interest in having her face tightened, so I guess that was a small clue to what was in store for the actress.

Ellen Barkin is a good example of what could happen if you have too much plastic surgery done, but she does not let that stop her. She is still hard working and acts quite a bit. She has had several procedures and not all ended as well as she may have wanted, but that didn’t stop her. From rhinoplasty to boob job, she has had a fair amount of work done.

Plastic surgery is still a trend that does not seem to be leaving anytime soon, so more celebrities will probably have work done as they age and feel less secure about their changing appearances. Mainly the females feel pressured by society to fix their skin or breasts to stay popular. More and more celebrities continue to have minor or drastic changes done in hopes of attaining the ever changing beauty standards that are out there in the media and society. Hopefully you learned something interesting about the actress and the work that she has had done in the past few years.


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