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Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery, Before and After Pictures

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Many find that Emily Blunt looks so different these days. Unusual change on her face simply creates plastic surgery issue. Well, by comparing before and after pictures of her, Emily Blunt plastic surgery is possible. And as many believe, 33-year-old British-American actress may have undergone nose job, botox, lip injection, not to mention Emily Blunt teeth and breast remake.

Recent face of Emily Blunt has certainly changed. We all may agree that her face skin appears far stiffer and smoother than before. In many celebrity plastic surgery cases, similar face skin change is caused by overdone Botox.

Emily Blunt’s age shouldn’t have created crazy aging lines, but maybe she wanted some preventive method. Unfortunately, she may have a bit lost control when she injected the Botox. As a result, Blunt appears with unnatural face which is not too good for her.

Injection procedure is also rumored done on Emily Blunt lips and cheeks. Luckily, unlike the Botox, lip filler doesn’t give significant, bad result, not yet. Some lip filler, could be collagen, didn’t make her lips overly bigger and fuller.

Filler existence can also be seen on her cheeks. We see it, her cheeks appear with different contour. Not just different but it is also unnatural. We may not sure what she has there. Many suggest the possibility of Juvederm if not  Restylane, if not implant. Whichever, we agree that she looked naturally beautiful with her former cheeks.

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Picture

Emily Blunt Plastic Surgery Photo

Emily Blunt plastic surgery is not merely about injection procedures. Result of surgical procedure can be seen on her nose. Yes, Emily Blunt nose job is popular enough. Many just believe that her nose has been reshaped with the help of surgeon’s knife.

However, as Emily Blunt before and after plastic surgery pictures compare, her nose change is subtle. In other words, it is highly possible that she had undergone some minor Rhinoplasty (nose surgery).

Whether you like it or not, actress who made her professional debut in The Royal Family has changed. In terms of physical appearance, her change is not too good. What do you think about result of Emily Blunt plastic surgery?

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