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Emily Procter Plastic Surgery Speculation

Emily Procter, a talented American actress born October 8th, 1968 is just two years shy of 50 years old, but like several of her Hollywood peers she seems to have been frozen in time for many of the last few years. In fact, internet sleuths and fans of the actress speculate that Ms. Procter is actually looking younger these days! Did the CSI: Miami star elect to undergo plastic surgery? 

Who Is Emily Procter?

Emily and her older brother Whit grew up in Raleigh, North Carolina. Procter studied Journalism and Dance at East Carolina University and graduated as a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. She made her television debut as an anchor for the weather segment at WNCT-TV in her home state of North Carolina.

After a variety of small time acting jobs (including portraying a brief flame of Matt LeBlanc’s Joey Tribbiani on FRIENDS) her career took off in 2000 with her first spotlight role as Ainsley Hayes on the hit political series The West Wing. After several seasons with the NBC drama she took on the role that she is perhaps best known for: Detective Calleigh Duquesne on CBS’ CSI: Miami.

When the show was unexpectedly and shockingly cut after a decade in production, Procter took some time out of the spotlight to stay home with her daughter. Afterward though you might have seen her as Amanda Callaway in 2012 when she scored the recurring role for some time with the USA Network, acting alongside the suave Matt Bomer in his popular crime drama White Collar.

Since viewers have become used to seeing Procter in her traditionally masculine crime and political roles, the beautiful figure that she portrays on the red carpet when she is entirely herself has come under scrutiny. Procter has been photographed in fairly revealing clothing, such as skirts, dresses, and tops that give viewers ample views of her body, which they have been quick to critique as she has aged.

Evidence of Plastic Surgery?

As Procter became a fixed presence on the red carpet, fans and viewers began to speculate about the particulars of her appearance. They noticed a wrinkle here and a sag there, until suddenly there wasn’t! What appears to have been a series of small procedures seems to have rejuvenated Procter and she now glows in her photos.

In spite of her middle age, Ms. Procter is actually looking quite healthy and fit these days. The birth of her daughter Pippa with her partner Paul Bryan in 2010 doesn’t seem to have left Procter’s physique any worse for wear either. In fact, she returned to her career after the pregnancy looking as if she had never put on any weight at all!

So what is behind Procter’s new appearance? Has Hollywood discovered the fountain of youth? Does she have a team of impressive stylists, professional trainers, or perhaps a personal nutritionist? Maybe. We do know that she is an athlete. Procter is an avid runner and she has participated in a few different marathons and triathlons. But regardless of her physical fitness ability, by comparing side-by-side photos of Procter over the last decade or so, one can see the subtle changes that some believe could only be the result of surgical procedures, implants, or injections.

Yes or No?

Procter’s slowly changing appearance has been met with pleased fans as well as nay-sayers. Critics have claimed that some less than flattering images of Procter are the result of Botox injections, which could cause a waxy or fake appearance, while others praise her now smooth, wrinkle-free complexion.

Some fans miss her more natural smile, which they claim has now been poorly emphasized by lips that were over-filled and plumped. Her chest, when revealed by certain outfits, seems to have filled out in such a way that hints at a breast augmentation procedure. While it is not particularly larger, Procter’s bust is perhaps more proportionate and well-positioned than before. Procter never said if she breast-fed her daughter or not.

Rumors of lipo-suction would explain the seemingly miraculous lack of baby-weight that Procter doesn’t have to carry. Some women believe this choice to be an easy way out after a pregnancy, while others can appreciate the decision. It is a quick and efficient alternative to the longer weight-loss process. With an on-screen career to return to, Procter may have elected to have the procedure. Surgery or not, without a doubt, Procter, petite at 5’3”, with her blue eyes and blonde hair is still a stunningly attractive woman.

Other elements of her appearance suggest that Procter didn’t have any procedures done. It could be all in the photography. Some observers say that a healthy tan, good make-up, styled hair, and a high end wardrobe are all that it takes to present such a good look. They explain away a wrinkle-free complexion by boasting chemical peels and other skincare products. However, some aspects of her appearance, like her perfect breasts, do seem a little too good to be true.

What Do You Think?

These days, celebrity and plastic surgery seem to go hand in hand. Even 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton certainly seems to have employed at least Botox throughout her time in the public eye, and other actors and actresses have fallen under similar criticism and speculation for their decisions to undergo plastic surgeries. While rumors of surgery or any other enhancement procedures have yet to be confirmed by Procter or her team, they have not been denied either. Procter seems to be an intensely private individual and has not spoken out about her appearance or habits.

Take a look at some pictures that you can find of Emily from early on in her career and compare them to some more recent photos. Ignore the lighting and angles and see if you can notice the real differences in her actual appearance. What do you think? Do these changes reflect a middle aged mom with a physically active lifestyle, or has Ms. Procter been under the knife?

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