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Eminem Plastic Surgery

Eminem couldn’t avoid plastic surgery issue of him. 43-year-old American rapper looks different compared to him in the past. You know it, Eminem face looks more unnatural than before. Actually it’s rather hard to find strong evidence of Eminem plastic surgery. We can’t help, some believe that plastic surgery has been part behind his face change.

Eminem Plastic Surgery

Eminem Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Eminem has actually been linked with plastic surgery since a few years ago. However, his face keeps changing, makes his plastic surgery issue stay hot these days. Eminem face is linked with at least two plastic surgery procedures. By considering dramatic change of his face many believe that Eminem may have had at least facelift and botox injection.

Facelift is believed as the reason behind his tight face skin. You may see it that Eminem’s face looks overly pulled. It also stiffer compared to his before. Eminem Before and After plastic surgery pictures are also showing smooth face skin of him. Too smooth that his face even sometimes looks like as if it is made of wax. Overdone Botox can cause such face appearance. (See Smokey Robinson or Rob Lowe)

Facelift and Botox are common procedures in celebrity plastic surgery, especially in Hollywood. The main goal of this popular combination is to maintain the youthfulness of patient’s face. However, if Eminem takes the same, we may not sure if his goal is to maintain or to regain his youthfulness.

Eminem Facelift

Eminem Facelift, Botox Before & After Photo

Eminem plastic surgery report invites people’s comments. Some believe that Eminem’s change is definitely a result of plastic surgery. However some others defend him by telling that his change is mainly caused by drug effect he has. Well, there are also people who believe that Eminem change is just a part of aging. So, what do you say about Eminem plastic surgery? We can take his comparison pictures as references.

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