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Eva LaRue Plastic Surgery Before and After

Eva LaRue confirmed that plastic surgery is thing she would consider. When asked with surgery-related questions, Eva responded with the possibility of taking it some time at her old age. LaRue didn’t tell specific time time and procedures. But, by examining her recent appearance we would see surgeon’s work easily on her.

Eva LaRue Breast Implants

Eva LaRue Boobs Job Before and After Picture

As you might have guessed, Eva LaRue plastic surgery mainly involves her boobs. The result of breast augmentation is clear. Eva LaRue breasts look far bigger compared to hers before the enhancement. LaRue’s before and after plastic surgery photo shows it, that she used to have small breasts as well as flat chest.

Like many other American celebrities, Eva LaRue may have also visited plastic surgeon office to get breast implants. And it seems that she has taken big ones. The implants have transformed her chest appearance. Her chest looks fuller with 32D boobs on it.

Beside on boobs, another plastic surgery has also been allegedly performed on her nose. Eva LaRue is reported to have had nose job. As the name tells, nose surgery (Rhinoplasty) has change Eva’s nose shape. But by considering slight nose change, she may have gotten minor rhinoplasty.

Eva LaRue Plastic Surgery

Eva LaRue Plastic Surgery Before and After Photo

American actress who is known for her role in series CSI: Miami doesn’t go crazy with nose alteration. Nose job doesn’t change her nose significantly. At glance, Eva LaRue’s nose doesn’t even look change. Her nose bump doesn’t entirely disappear. Although nose job doesn’t turn it into much smaller one, but at least she doesn’t ruin it with bad nose job. Do you investigate other plastic surgeries on Eva LaRue?

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