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Eva Longoria Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Eva Longoria Plastic Surgery

Eva Longoria Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Eva Longoria plastic surgery can’t be denied.  As many think, Eva Longoria appearance shows signs of plastic surgeon intervention, and she doesn’t deny it. American actress who portrayed Gabrielle Solis on the TV series Desperate Housewives doesn’t seem desperate when it comes to beauty enhancement.

However people are still questioning procedures she took. Eva she herself didn’t openly tell procedures behind her shape. That makes people speak. As many believe Eva Longoria may have had Botox injection, nose job and breast implants done.

Well, we can take her Before and After plastic surgery picture as reference. Some of her face and body features are changing. Let’s see her face first where she is linked with Botox and nose surgery. Do you see the existence of facial fillers there? Well, some of us wouldn’t see something suspicious. She is just a 40 years old woman, in number of age where aging signs don’t attack women crazily. It makes sense if she appears with less wrinkles and lines. But, we can’t help. Still many people believe that Eva Longoria has injected her face with Botox to prevent aging skin.

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Nose is face feature that may have been modified. Nose job (Rhinoplasty) issue came to surface when some people saw nose alteration on Longoria. Her nose was considered bigger and wider than it today. Her comparison photo can help us to see the change. Eva Longoria has slimmer nose bridge and smaller nose shape in the After picture. Do you see the same?

Eva Longoria Breast Implants

Eva Longoria Before and After Boob Job Photo

Another procedure, the boob job even gave more obvious enhancement. This procedure changed Eva breasts significantly. She had smaller boobs and flatter chest in the past. But as we can see, everything has changed. She now has bigger and fuller ones. Could it be from natural exercise or workout? No? How about breast implants? At least that’s what many people think.

Eva Longoria, however, makes her procedures to be not too clear. As quoted from, she is ‘half’ open about her plastic surgery.

I am not opposed to surgery or whatever stuff is going to be available. Sign me up!”

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