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Eva Marie Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

If you’ve paid attention to the World Wrestling Entertainment Network, then you’ve heard of miss Eva Marie. She was one of the standout performers and female wresters of this decade’s circuit. Born with the original name of Natalie Eva Coyle, she had always had an athletic edge. This led her to trying out all types of sports while she was in school, as well as getting deeply involved with health and body fitness. With all that hard work and effort, she now is known by all as an amazing wrestler and television personality.

However, all that heavy working out comes at a price. A lot of womanly features are lost after an intense bout of working out and staying heavily health conscience. This led to the cosmetic and plastic surgeries that are known to have occurred for Eva Marie behind the scenes. Although she has not outright admitted to having the plastic surgeries, the stark difference of her before and after photos tell the tale crystal clearly. Some kind of cosmetic alternations have surely been made to Eva Marie’s face and body. Let’s see what surgeries Eva Marie has had, is speculated to have had, and where this all could have stemmed from.


Eva Marie Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Eva Marie Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Before The Surgery

Born on the west coast of the United States, Eva Marie grew up as an upcoming shining star, as a Californian Latina. From humble beginnings, her interest in sports performance and acting started at a young age. She was involved in many sports teams growing up and excelled in just about everything she was involved in. This continued up until college, when she decided to focus entirely on soccer and weight training.

By that time in her life, she had begun a fitness journey to get swoll. Not nearly the way she looks today, but stronger and more fit than your average college student. Because of this, she was scouted out by an agent for modeling. So, she took the opportunity and began modeling specifically for sportswear and equipment. Here, Marie’s outlook on feminine beauty began to define itself, as athletic models were often small breasted, but still had an hourglass figure and flawless features. However, that wasn’t the body type that she had wanted.

Not too long after getting further into the Hollywood life of modeling and promotional work, she pursued a career in acting. She did a few small films, but her career was not taking off in the method that she had expected and very much hoped for. This is when a new opportunity arose. The WWE took an interest in her, and after a quick audition she was rapidly added to their roaster.

Because of the aesthetic of the WWE women and their lifestyles, Eva Marie had to continue to work out with ten times the gusto. This caused her to get bigger than she ever had before, shirking her feminine features until they were barely recognizable to her in the mirror. She has come out to the public interviews and tells them that she felt like one of the guys, personality and body wise.

Coinciding with her WWE career, she then pursued the reality television scene. This came in the form of the show “Total Divas” which included other female athletes along with other WWE female performers. Also, she later joined the NXT women’s wrestling team. All these new opportunities seemed to spark something for Eva Marie. She wanted to be more feminine than ever, and this ushered in a need for a change in her life.

This led her to have the breast augmentation surgery and rhinoplastic surgery that everyone knows her for. She also began changing up her style, wearing more fashionable clothes, dawning flawless makeup, and creating a signature red haired style. Let’s look more into each of the definite and possible surgeries that Eva Marie has had throughout her years in the spotlight.

Eva Marie Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Eva Marie Plastic Surgery Breast Implants Photo

Nose Job Rhinoplasty

In late 2012, fans started to notice a difference in Eva Marie’s face. It was her nose. The shape was absolutely different. Instead of being more pointed and round, it was instead smaller at the base and thinner. The slim trim of her nasal bridge was impossible to ignore, so speculation about her nose having undergone the knife began to fly.

To this day, Eva Marie has not made a public comment that the nose job and/or rhinoplasty surgeries did, in fact, happen, but it is undeniable that there is a difference. In the before and after photos, the first thing you look at is her nose and it is going from large to petite. Only time will tell if she admits the rhinoplasty occurred.

Breast Augmentation and Enhancement

The other big thing people have noticed about Eva Marie is that she actually has breasts. When she first arrived on the WWE scene, she was flat chested. This is due to pectoral-like muscles forming from her tedious and sweat inducing workouts that she had to endure to be as big as they desired her to be for the WWE aesthetic. However, out of nowhere in 2014, people noticed that her cup size jumped from double AA to Almost a double DD.

This is rather unheard of in athletic careers without naturally being busty or having some kind of top surgery. With the sudden appearance of Eva Marie’s new and fuller chest, it can be assured that cosmetic augmentation had a key role to play here.

Cosmetic Permanent Tanning Surgery

It is speculated that Marie has also undergone a special type of surgery to keep her skin filled with artificial melanin. Her orange tan does not change that often despite the fact that she was once a pasty fair color. Plus, she is as healthy as a horse, which insinuates that she hasn’t been doing a lot of over-tanning. Perhaps, she instead embarked on a journey to semi-permanent tan skin with the procedure of cosmetic permanent tanning.

Kept Up Accumulation of Botox Shots

Another huge part of being in the public eye is saying young. For many people on television, the key to staying young is to use Botox injections, as they stretch and smooth the facial features like that of a young child or twentysomething. Eva Maria is in her early thirties, but has yet to show those natural wrinkles that everyone gets by their mid-twenties. This could be a result of constant Botox utilization in her skin.

Especially being a wrestler, the face contorts in many ways to convey emotion and anger to the viewers. So, lines normally start to form around the forehead and mouth. Yet, Eva Marie has no visible laugh lines or forehead creases. Could the culprit be Botox injections?

The Ultimate Conclusion of Eva Marie’s Cosmetic Surgeries

Overall, Eva Marie has made a name for herself in a career path that women normally don’t treed. And because of that she has had to sacrifice her femininity for her job and the requirements that in turn entails. She went for a long time not indulging her wants for a more feminine physique, but finally gave into her desires and had surgeries. The most notable of these was her nose reformation and the upsize of her breasts in the form of a cosmetic boob job.

Although many may see this as unnecessary because Eva Marie was beautiful before each surgery, she continues to be happy in her new confident boy and face. And, as long as she is happy with herself, it doesn’t seem like anyone can judge how she chooses to present herself, but that is all opinion. Other surgeries have been suspected but not confirmed. We will see in the future what makes Eva Marie such an interesting icon in the means of plastic surgery.

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