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Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery of Nose, Boob Job

Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery

Eva Mendes Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Plastic surgery is another story of Eva Mendes. Working in the world where plastic surgery is a common thing, 41-year-old American actress is under suspicion of taking the same. Eva Mendes plastic surgery is kind of rumor, though. There are no clear evidences, or statements of plastic surgeon intervention. But that doesn’t stop people’s question. Boob job and nose  job are two procedures Mendes may have had done.

As always, Before and After pictures are the easiest reference we can get. Eva Mendes Before and After plastic surgery pictures shows some differences, at least that’s what some people think. Do you notice something unusual on her nose? Many think that Eva Mendes nose looked bigger in the past. Her nose bridge was simply wider than it today. Her nose tip change is perhaps easier to see.

Eva Mendes nose job (Rhinoplasty) may have also reshaped her nose tip significantly. We can see it that bump on the tip of her nose has escaped. Mendes’ nose looks far narrower than it was, especially on the tip. We can see it easily, can’t we? However, it is rather hard to say whether she has had good work done. In other words, Eva Mendes’ ‘new nose’ looks a bit unnatural and doesn’t seem to enhance her face appearance. Do you agree?

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Another procedure related to Eva Mendes plastic surgery is the boob job. Compared to the nose job, boob job result is even easier to notice. Actress who played in the films 2 Fast 2 Furious and Ghost Rider can’t avoid this boob job report. As many people believe that Eva Mendes may have taken breast augmentation via breast implants.

Eva Mendes Boob Job

Eva Mendes Before and After Boob Job Photo

Breast implants, however, is a common procedure among celebrity plastic surgery. And Eva Mendes is possibly having it too.  Let’s take a look at Mendes’ Before and After breast implants picture. We can simply see difference on her boobs. Eva used to have smaller breast as well as flatter chest. Ryan Gosling’s partner then appears with fuller and bigger boobs after the alleged breast enhancement procedure.

This vegetarian actress has always attracted us with her slim body. Eva Mendes has 32C bra size, and it suits her figure well. Regardless the truth of Eva Mendes plastic surgery, we would all agree that she is a beautiful woman with or without plastic surgeon’s knife. And that could be the reason why People magazine named Eva as one of Most Beautiful at Every Age back in 2012. So, what’s your words? Do you think Eva Mendes has plastic surgery?

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