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Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Rumor Before and After

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery

Fan Bingbing Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

The world knows that Fan Bingbing is one of examples of Asian beauty. Her beauty, however, makes herself to be linked with plastic surgery. Although many people who have watched Fan Bingbing since she was young didn’t notice surgery-related change, but many still believe that she has taken benefit of plastic surgery.

Many people, especially Bingbing’s fans would know it well. Rumor of Fan Bingbing plastic surgery has hit since a few years ago. But the rumor was difficult to prove. Beside she didn’t admit it, result of the alleged plastic surgery is not too obvious. However, rumor of Fan Bingbing plastic surgery came to surface (again) after she was spotted leaving a plastic surgery clinic in Taiwan last year. Rumor didn’t stop even it was said that Bingbing didn’t take any surgical treatment there.

We can’t help, for some people that just strengthens the possibility of plastic surgery on her. Did Fan Bingbing really have plastic surgery? Let’s hear what the rumor says. Fan Binbing plastic surgery rumor is related to some subtle changes on her face and body. While on her body there is a boob job rumor, there are eye surgery, nose job and chin surgery as procedures she allegedly has on her face.

Fan Bingbing before and after pictures could help you to see traces of the alleged procedures. Bigger eyes of her have been linked with double eyelid surgery. As you might have known, eyelid surgery (Blepharoplasty) is an effective way to make someone’s eyes to appear bigger. This could be reason why this procedure is so popular in East Asia. And could Fan Bingbing be a patient of this eyelid surgery?

Well, not only eye surgery, minor change on Fan Bingbing’s nose is also rumored with surgical technique. Nose job (rhinoplasty) is considered as reason over her smaller, narrower nose shape. You might need pay more attention to her comparison pictures to see the her nose differences. Do you think she undergo nose surgery?

Fan Bingbing Boob Job

Fan Bingbing Boob Job Photo

The chin surgery is another procedure that Fan Bingbing possibly performed on her face, at least that’s what many think. Actually there’s a V-shaped face trend among women, especially Eastern Asian. The V-shape face has become another standard to define someone’s beauty. Back to Fan Bingbing, do you think 34-year old Chinese actress also changes her face contour via chin or jaw reduction?

Overall, regardless her plastic surgery truth we all agree that Fan Bingbing is a beautiful woman. Anyone who loves Asian “taste” would love Fan Bingbing. How about you?

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