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Faye Dunaway Plastic Surgery Before and After Bad Facelift

Faye Dunaway Plastic Surgery Picture

Faye Dunaway Plastic Surgery Before After Picture

Faye Dunaway is one of celebrities over 70 who takes plastic surgery. Her surgery has been before her 70, though. Some overdone procedures are enough to bring her a worse face to date. If not the worst, Faye Dunaway plastic surgery is certainly one of bad celebrity plastic surgery cases.

Faye Dunaway plastic surgery pictures show clear bad change on her face. She has at least facelift, botox, filler, lips augmentation and browlift for that. We are not talking about Faye’s teeth that made news some time ago. But it’s about too much plastic surgery, especially for the facelift and botox that make Faye Dunaway hardly recognizable.

Faye Dunaway Facelift, Botox

Faye Dunaway is 75 years old, and we know she can’t change her birth date. Well, at least she can try some other way to fight against her aging. Facelift and Botox injection are two popular methods to erase wrinkles and other aging lines.

Unfortunately, many celebrities can’t get enough. Faye Dunaway is no different. She had the facelift overdone. Bad before and after plastic surgery photos of her draw overly pulled face skin. Her face looks so tight for her age.

Thanks to botox, wrinkles and frown has been reduced significantly. But just like the facelift, it seems that botox injection has also been done more than she needed. What do you think about Dunaway’s Botox?

Faye Dunaway Lips Augmentation

Another significant change of Faye Dunaway face features shown by her lips. Just by seeing her comparison photos for a few seconds you might think that her lips have been reshaped.

Her lips were naturally thinner when she was young. And it is now simply fuller and bigger than before. As many think, Faye Dunaway has injected her lips with some lip filler. She may have wanted sexier lips. Do you see she appears sexier with such trout pout lips?

Faye Dunaway Browlift, Filler

Dunaway brow change inevitably invites people comments. Her upper eyes area, especially on the eyebrow appears as if it had been retouched. Some eyebrow lift is the most possible procedure to explain her eyebrow change.

Lifting procedure near eyes is not a rare thing. Many get it to make their eyes look fresher and perhaps younger. Exceptions apply when one gets it too far. It could make someone to appear weirder, just like Faye Dunaway.

Faye Dunaway Plastic Surgery

Faye Dunaway Facelift, Filler Photo

Filler simply makes her cheek much unnatural. Dunaway’s cheek reminds us of Barbara Eden‘s. It is plumping like never before.  It seems that they have taken similar filler.

Faye Dunaway plastic surgery is certainly not as good as her acting. Dunaway, however, could get award over her plastic surgery, but for the bad or worst celebrity plastic surgery categories.


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